Not so alone in the world…

So I was chattin with my good friend Maria on MSN Messenger and we had quite an interesting conversation that went something like this:

N: Weird question. You’re gonna think this is so sick but probably funny I don’t think my deodorant works anymore!

M: No I don’t think mine works either

N: So I got unscented. I think I just smell. Like a weird smell not bad b.o but not fresh HAHAHA

M: Yes!!! I don’t think any of them work

N: OMG I am so glad I’m not alone. Thank god thank god I thought I’ve turned stinky or something

M: Oh my gosh I was just talking to someone about the same thing.  Isn’t’ that weird?

N:HAHAH.  WHEW.  Like at first its fine but towards the end of the day I smell kind of weird. Maybe I need a men’s deodorant

M: Yes!

N: I was gonna use Ryan’s one day but his smells like a man

M: I think I need like a prescription one or something

N: PFFFFT  I almost spit out my pop!  HAHAHAHA I am laughing SOO freakin hard

M: Me too!

N: So I’m gonna try a men’s next time. I’ll go to the store tomorrow and get unscented

M: Let me know if it works

Isn’t it great when you find someone who has the same weirdness as you? I’ve been battling this "non working" deoderant thing for a few weeks, and man is it great to know I’m not alone.  HAHA. 

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