Not so great day…

UGH. I just want to go home and take a nap.  This day started out bad.  I got to work late, and Lauren had needed me there at 7:30 so she could leave to take Avery on her school field trip. I didn’t make it to work until 7:45 and they had already left.  I met them at the park & ride near the highway and I know she was thoroughly annoyed with me. 

Aria has been a pill today- being testy and irritating. She give you this "try and make me" look when you ask her to do something.  At Cathy’s house (my MIL) she was horrible.  I ended up making her pick up all the toys and leave because she wasn’t listening to me.  Then I asked her to get in the car and she ran from me.  Man, days like this I wish she was my kid and I could bust her on the butt a time or two.  She’s down for a nap right now, thank goodness, giving me a few hours of break time to recoup.  Hopefully she isn’t as grouchy as she was yesterday after her nap. 

Three days until our "mini vacation."  Ryan and I are flying down to my mom’s house in NC for the weekend.  She’s about 15 minutes from the ocean so it’ll be a nice relaxing weekend, hopefully.  And the following weekend we are going to Grand Haven with Ryan’s parents and his sister’s family. I can’t wait to see the Musical Fountain there. I’ll definitely be taking a lot of pictures.  I’m really excited to go camping FINALLY. This will be our first camping trip in our pop-up.  No more tenting it (although we really didn’t mind it that much).

I was really excited to be taking Lori and Don’s family pictures with the girls by the lake in Grand Haven, but Shae took a tumble in the parking lot the other day and scraped her face all up.  Here’s praying for a quick recovery.  I hope you feel better soon Miss Shae! Maybe I can get a few pictures of her "good" side. LOL.

  1. Nic,
    Your mini get-a-ways sound wonderful!! Hopefully nice and relaxing. I sure could use some of that as soon as school gets out! Isn’t it weird when school gets out and you have free time again!?

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