Uhm, a few “off” people…

Thanks to some girls at Scrapjazz, I had quite a laugh at these sites.  They are just toooo odd.  Hmmm??

Peter Pan  (do NOT forget to visit his "fashion page")
Here’s a sneak peek at him.. Oh man. He’s for real too.   Randy_edw_grnpix

Biker Fox  Now, before you go laughing at this dude, you have to read his "profile" (go to ‘home’ and to ‘before weight loss’). Also, apparrently he changed his name to Biker Fox.  There’s a link on his home page that has his name change form on it, signed.  Odd one, I tell ya. Ok, he also has 2005 photos up too.  Here’s a little sneak peek….

OK thats all for now.  Unless I come across any other odd ducks. 

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