Another day, another dollar.

Spent the late morning/early afternoon at the lake with Aria. Amanda and Kobe, Missy and her kids and Autumn (Missy’s friend) and her daugher was there.  Tonight I had a Lia Sophia jewelry party. I need to get 3 more orders so that I can get 40% of my sales in free jewelry. I plan on hitting up my mom this weeknd (yes mom, just a warning LOL) and hmm who else?  Any takers?  Holly (the host) said I probably will have $700 in sales so that means I’ll get $280 worth of jewelry for FREE. YAAY.  So, I need those 3 more orders. 

I spent some time tonight looking up funny video clips. I’m addicted. I admit it.  Here’s a few that made me chuckle. And one that make me want to beat the child, and one that nearly gave me a heart attack.  Check them out. Laugh.  Enjoy.

Face first into the fence

Olympic Horse miss

My worst nighmare


Annoying, but OHH his butt would be BEAT if he were mine. Rotten brat.

Ryan was a sweetheart tonight. I knew I would have a short amount of time after work to get the house cleaned before people arrived for the L.S. party, and guess what?  When I got home he had already cleaned the house up and was wiping down the doors/trim just to get fingerprints/smudges off.  Hmmm what’s he after?  Kissin my butt like that.  I really appreciated it, and, well, I guess I deserve a little nice treatment after putting up with his attitude last weekend.  Thank goodness he snapped out of his angry mood and apologized. 

Hmm not much else going on.  Kind of a boring post, I know.  2 days until NC!  I can’t wait.  I wish we could stay longer. 

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