So much to do… so little time

We leave for NC tomorrow afternoon.  Well our flight leaves at ohh 6 or something.  I guess I should figure that out soon, huh?  I have SO much to do. I  just got done cleaning the carpet in our guest room. Cat peed in there.  He is no longer allowed out of his crate (he stays in a 4×3 dog kennel).  If you feel sorry for him, let me know, send me your address and I’ll personally see that he makes it to your house and you can have the bastard. 

I am supposed to go running with Missy Perry tonight, but she hasn’t called. She told me to call her if she didn’t call (because she said she’d prob try to back out adn wants me to make her go running) but I really don’t want to go.  I guess I’ll start up this running thing when I get back from NC.  I really wish I’d started about ohh 6 months ago because I am FLAB city.  and my butt has expanded. So has my waist.  And my face.  OH yuck. 

Lets see… whats on my list for tomorrow:

  • take dogs to kennel
  • drop Durango off at Tim the Mechanics to have some minor things fixed and to get the tires switched with the truck (the truck has better tires on it)
  • hair cut at 12:30
  • pack
  • clean house
  • deposit my check
  • pay bills
  • water plants GOOD so they last over the weekend

Ok I think thats it.  Sheesh.  Busy day. 

Spent the day at Vandercook Lake today with Avery and Aria. It was Avery’s last day at school so she had a half day.  It was HOT like 96 degrees out!!  We have plans to go to this outdoor pool/waterpark next week.  I prefer the pool, and it’ll be much nicer to dip into the pool to cool off. I will NOT swim in the lake. ICK.

*****On another note…I added a list to my sidebar with links to funny videos. I’m just soo addicted. *****

  1. I hear ya about not swimming in lakes…I won’t step foot either. I have a well-known fear of leeches. I’d rather die that get one on me. I wish I had some time to go to the beach though!

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