I’m so boring lately… sorry everyone!

Gaahh!  I have no life whatsoever anymore.  I have nothing interesting to write about on here, other than I just got done grading Math tests and assessing students progress in math. Yay.  I know, I know, you’re so excited you’re about to fall out of your chair. 

Anyway, my weekend was so-so.  Saturday I had a seminar to go to during the day, basically explaining what was due for my Special Education Student Teaching. The afternoon and evening I really didn’t have much going on, sort of a relaxing evening.  Sunday Ryan and I went to Ann Arbor to register for baby stuff, he took me out to lunch/dinner and we went shopping at the mall in just about the only store I can shop at- Motherhood Maternity.  LOL I told Ryan he should be excited to go shopping with me right now- there are limited stores that I can shop at in the mall.  And my Sunday eveing was topped off with lesson planning for the week. YAY.

Maria was in town from Friday to tomorrow and do you think that I got a chance to see her?  Nope.  The only evening I had free, she was busy.  So, guess I won’t be seeing her until December, but luckily she’s moving HOME in December so hopefully I’ll see her a little more often.  Probably not- hey friends who live here in Jackson- how often do I see you lately?  HARDLY EVER, huh?  I feel like I’m always on the run, always have something to get done.  Such is life, and I suppose it doesn’t get any easier than this either. 

Thursday Ryan and I are going to watch "the boys" play football at Western.  The boys he coached the last 2 years in basketball are playing freshman football at the school district where I’m teaching in right now, so I’ll be able to meet Ryan there and watch their game with him.   It cracks me up that these kids still keep in touch with Ryan.   I guess it shows how much he impacts them, though, and I’m proud of it.  They call every few weeks, chat with Ryan and ask to come over or go golfing or play basketball.  This weekend one of them called and was asking to go to the baby shower LOL.  I’m sure they’re still rooting for the name "Brandon Ryan" (after 2 of the kids from the team).  Ry is getting ready to start a new season of basketball. He was offered the 7th Grade "A" Team coaching position at Northwest so he’ll get a new batch of kids to bond with. He’s a little nervous about it, but I think its mostly because he is afraid he won’t have the same relationship with these kids as he does with the other boys that he had for 2 years in a row. He’s also nervous about the talent on the team, but I don’t think he realizes where these now 9th graders started out 2 years ago when he just started coaching them.  I know that with him as a coach their talent will shine through and they’ll become an awesome team.  I have that much confidence in him. 

Well, I’m off to go to bed.  I’m just rambling now and its time to stop boring everyone!  🙂 Good night!

  1. Sometimes life is boring…thats great! Hopefully that means you have a chance to relax when you’re not working. I think sometimes there is more pressure on you as a student teacher because you have so many people watching over your shoulder! Hmmm….maybe you should scrap something soon. I miss seeing your gorgeous LOs!

  2. Don’t worry Nic..our lives always seem boring to ourselves, when in reality they are interesting & exciting to those outside looking in. KWIM? I’m glad student teaching is going well. Keep posting!

  3. I like reading about your life! Enjoy what you think is boring- because after your baby arrives- life will not be boring! You will wish for a boring day to relax! :O)

    Babies and kids are wonderful, but I so look back on the days when I complained about being bored and wish I could have one every now and then.

    I hope you are feeling good and doing well! Have a great day!

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