Updated picture….

Here’s a recent picture- today actually.  Ryan and I were on our way to a friends wedding and I decided we should get a picture of us in recent times.  I can not believe how long my hair seems- and it is even curled, so it probably would look longer if I’d kept it straight.   And dang my boobs are beastly.  Don’t get me wrong- I LOVE being pregnant, but if I could change one thing- it’d be those beasts.  Anyway, here it is (now that I just drew attention to my worst feature ever LOL)!


  1. Nic—You looked BEAUTIFUL PREGNANT!!!!! ANd little BABY BOY “B” will look beautiful because of the great looking parents he has. I am so happy for the both of you!!! And SO EXCITED TO becoming a Grandma to him!! I just can’t hardly wait to hold him!!!
    Love to all three of you!!!! MOM/Grandma

  2. You look wonderful! Beautiful hair, beautiful belly, beautiful YOU!

    Arent pregnant boobs great?!?! Just wait until he is born and they get even bigger- no BUTTON up shirts- because they wont button. At least not here. LOL. I gained 6 cup sizes when i had my twins. LOL. It was very frightening. 🙂

    You look great! You will be such a cute little family!

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