Starting the day grumpy

GRRRRR.  I get up this morning to get in the shower and there is practically NO hot water left after Ryan took his long, womanly shower this morning.   He is banned from morning showers, since our hot water heater barely produces enough hot water for 2 showers.  Well, it’d be fine if he could get in the shower, wash his hair and body and get out like most normal men do. But he has to sit and bask in the sweet hot water until its nearly gone.  Then I get stuck trying to just get shampoo into my hair in the last 2 minutes of lukewarm water left.  GRRRR.  Right now I am hoping he was a really CRAPPY day today. 

  1. DON’T mess with the pregnant lady- especially the pregnant lady’s shower!

    I hope your day gets better!

    If it is worth anything- colder water is better for your hair! Maybe it will make up for itself with a good hair day! LOL. :O)

  2. The solution…
    Next time Ry is in the shower, you proceed calmly to the kitchen, fill the largest cup you have with ice cold water from the fride, back to the bathroom where you carefully climb onto the toilet to dump it over the curtain and all over him.
    Works like a charm…Just have YourRy ask MyRy…HAHAHA!!!

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