Ryan irritates me soooooo freakin much.  Yes, if you read this Ryan I’m going to bitch about you.  Because its MY blog and I can.  Last week we had drama with this lady who’s son left his ladder at our house last fall when he did our roof.  To make a long story short, Ry gets out of work at 3, and it was after 4:00 and this bitch of a woman was on her way to our house to get her ladder, which I had no idea what ladder was hers and what one was ours.  I had no idea where my husband was, no way to get ahold of him because he has no common courtesy to call and let me know he’s going anywhere after work.  Turns out he had just ran to the store, but still.  What if I’d gone into labor and had no idea what time he’d be home??

Again- its 4:23 and I have no clue where he is.  I called his dad to see if he’d chatted w/him today and he hadn’t heard from him.  He thinks he might be at a meeting with the superintendent at the school where he coached but he isn’t sure if that was tonight or tomorrow night. Yes, Ryan told me he had a meeting, but he never told me when or what time.  So I’m at home wondering where he is, what time he’ll be home.  Don’t worry, Ryan, I’m only 2 weeks away from my due date.  Don’t worry about if I go into labor early or what not- there is no possible reason that you might want to call after work to see if things are ok or to let me know what time you’ll be home.  I wouldn’t want to bother your pretty little head over anything.

  1. I can not help but giggle at this post. I am sorry he is bugging you so bad. When I get to this phase of my pregnancies you might as well stay the hell away- everyone bugged me until the delivery! LOL!

  2. oh nicole you are to funny!! clint did that same ( sorta) to me around the same time of my pregnancy! men………………..Almost there girlfriend, and then Porter will rock your world. Take care!!

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