Nothing yet…

Well, it looks like my ExpectNet guessed birthdate for Porter is going to come and go without a baby. I guessed Feb 18 (so did Aunt Dawn) and I have not an inkling of feeling that I’ll go into labor tonight. Bleh. By the way- those of you who guessed later in March- you suck LOL. I already spoke to the doctor about induction if he’s not born by our due date (which is really March 1) and I’m all for it.

I haven’t updated lately because there isn’t much to say thats nice… the last 2 weeks of pregnancy suck. I’d rather have morning sickness 24/7. Really. For the past 2 weeks I’ve woken up numerous times in the middle of the night in tears because my child thinks its great to try to stretch out in my short torso. The pain is horrible. It feels like my insides are being shredded with a dull serrated knive, and my ribs feel like they’re going to break. The skin on the top of my stomach is raw from my boobs/bra being against it. My skin feels like its on fire and it feels so stretched out that it might just split open. I have heartburn if I forget to take a Pepcid before I eat. My upper back is killing me- it feels like I have a huge knot in my muscle. I have to pee every 2 hours throughout the night and its hell trying to get comfortable enough to get back to sleep. My mind will not stop racing when I do try to sleep- a million things are going through my brain. Thats my bitching for this pregnancy. I tried really hard to not be negative about the downsides of pregnancy. I tried to not ever take being pregnant for granted, because it is truly a blessing, but at this point I am SO ready to have this kid.

On a positive note, the highlights of my day are when Porter pokes his feet and hands/elbows out and I can practically hang onto them and move them around. I love thinking that I might just be holding his little hand or tickling his feet, even though my skin is between us. Hopefully in the next 12 days I’ll get to see his little feet and hands in person.

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