I had a post all ready….

but I have a husband who thinks its ok to come down here and close out all my windows that I have on the computer….  Yeah, he’ll probably post on here that "he left the photo window open and the one that I had typed up" but the proof is on the screen, honey— my entire post I worked on earlier- both typing on Typepad AND copy/pasting it to Word because I was afraid I’d accidently delete it on Typepad because I knew I’d have to go back to finish it later because Porter got hungry in the middle of me writing…. So I had two copies, I was backed up, my kid got hungry and all my effort went down the drain because my husband can’t seem to be careful when he closes out his internet explorer windows after reading his sports articles.  Thanks honey- I have all the time in the world to re-write it.

So, let me try to recap everything I ALREADY wrote—

I was trying to sum up my last two weeks, catch up my blog, decide what to do with the two blogs I have.  It seems a little unnecessary to have two blogs, my life pretty much revolves around Porter right now so it would be logical that I’d combine the two.  But it makes me a little sad to think of closing down Inside Addition (which isn’t inside anymore, huh?).  I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet- anyone have opinions?

I was saying earlier how my walk on the 20th seemed to work with putting me into labor. I started having contractions early in the morning on the 21st and by the time I got to my 8:45am appointment I was almost dilated to 4cm.  The rest is history- explained on Porter’s blog.  I won’t go into that. 

The week after I had Porter was really a blur.  I was in so much pain and having so many problems recovering I really don’t remember much, which makes me sad.  I wanted to enjoy those moments, but unfortunately my experience wasn’t so hot with trying to get some major migranes under control and dealing with boobs that even porn stars wouldn’t ask for.   My migranes are finally somewhat better, and my milk is on its way to drying up so my boobs are manageable. I was even able to wear a normal bra the other day- a DD bra I bought at Target at the beginning of my pregnancy.  That was the highlight of my day- wearing a bra that I could get from a normal, local store and not online. 

Monday, the 27th, I had a doctor’s appointment for my migranes where I was put back on Corgard as a daily maintenance medication to control my migranes.  I also recieved another shot of demorol (to add to the 5 or 6 I recieved over the weekend when I was put back in the hospital) and a shot of dekadron (have no idea if the spelling is correct).  Afterwards, my mom and I took Porter to Toys R Us where we picked up some diapers to test out (btw- Toys R Us brand diapers suck) and some formula (which is freakin expensive).  Porter had a doctor’s appointment that afternoon, so we headed there after Toys R Us.  His appointment was fine, although we found out he had a cold (which we pretty much knew because he sounded really congested). 

Tuesday the 28th I felt all up to another walk at the school like the week before, so Aunt Dawn and I took Porter up there and managed to get in a very SLOOOW half hour walk.  Let me tell you we haven’t been back up there– I was not ready for exercise yet.  It wore me out.

Wednesday the 1st my mom and I went shopping for Ryan’s birthday (which I was feeling bad about earlier for not posting a Happy Birthday post to him on his birthday, but paybacks are hell honey- I guess we’re even for you deleting my post).  Porter stayed home with daddy and we went to Target, the mall and Walmart.  My mom shopped for some easter stuff for Porter and Aubri, and I got Porter a really cute Easter outfit from Walmart.  Its a cute green short sleeve polo sweater with navy and white argyle diamonds on the front (similar to ones Gymboree and Gap have out now, but waaay cheaper) and it came with a onesie underneath and navy dress pants. For $15.96 or something like that.  I can’t wait to see him wear it. I hope it fits by then- it looks huge!  But by the way he’s eating I’m sure it’ll fit fine.   At the mall I got Ryan an outfit from Gap for his birthday and my mom bought me this wonderful foundation brush from Estee Lauder…. I totally recommend it.  You end up using half the foundation and it goes on so much more natural looking.  By the time we left the mall I could hardly walk and I had to literally lift my leg to get it into the car.  A short day of shopping wore me out.  Oh pathetic.  My muscles just weren’t up to it, probably after having them in the air for 2 hours pushing that darn baby out.  Whew.

Thursday was Ryan’s birthday and we spent part of the afternoon out at Aunt Dawn’s house where I got to take a nap in their awesome comfy bed… and then in the evening we met Ry’s parents, sister, brother in law and their 3 girls at Outback for his birthday dinner.  And guess what mommy forgot to get a picture of Porter’s first dinner at Outback?  Yeah, me.  Porter slept through dinner, which is great, and afterwards we went back to Ry’s parents for birthday cake.

Friday morning I dropped the Santa Fe off to get the brakes done, which they called and told me the front brakes and rotors ONLY would be $387.  So I cancelled that and turns out Ryan can do it himself and the parts are only $115. Whew!  While I waited for the Santa Fe to get estimated I hung out at Ry’s parents house. Lori and the girls were still there from the night before so we had a good few hours to visit with them.  Afterwards Porter and I ran to Toys R Us to return the 2 boxes of crappy diapers we bought and to Target to get a humidifier for his room (they have a really cute frog one!). That night I about had a mental breakdown. I think I had a good case of the baby blues, which seems to be better the last day or two, but Friday was not such a good day.  Ryan and I ordered Wedding Crashers off pay-per-view and watched that and that’s the extent of our evening.

Saturday we hung out around the house.  I did go to the tanner for a glorious 7minutes in heaven.  Aunt Dawn (LOVE HER) bought me a package at the tanner up the road to cheer me up.  Awesome— its so nice to go lay in warmth even if its only for 7 minutes.  Thanks, Aunt Dawn!!  Maria stopped by in the afternoon and later Missy, Brian and Hailey brought pizza over for dinner which was really nice. 

Sunday Grandma Main stopped over to visit with Porter for a bit in the morning, and in the afternoon I took Porter to Carrie’s bridal shower.  All morning he was a cranky butt and was awake from about 7:45am to noon and refused to go to sleep.  I’m not sure what was up with him, I think he was overly tired and just couldn’t get to sleep well.  Every time he’d get to falling asleep he’d drop his pacifier out and cry.  Which really isn’t like him (even though I tell him he’s becoming a sucky face with his paci) because usually when he falls asleep he spits it out and is fine sleeping without it.  I think he just couldn’t get all the way to sleep.  I was nervous to take him to the shower- I was afraid he’d cry the whole time. Well, he fell asleep in the Durango and slept through the entire shower.  What a good baby! 

Today I had big plans to go to the chiropractor, the dry cleaner to pick up our comforters and to Kohl’s to get a few shirts to get me by for awhile… but when I woke up it was snowing outside and rather icky, so my motivation to get out was gone.  Aunt Dawn and Paige stopped by for a few hours to hang out with us and visit.  It was nice to have company!  I had a pretty lazy day- I didn’t get any naps in while Porter slept, but I did get some dishes done and some laundry washed and his sheets changed.  When Ryan came home I took a sitz bath and a short nap, and that brings me to now- typing up my post. Err..retyping my post.   

I guess I’ll sign off now and hurry and save this before it disappears….

  1. WOW- busy lady!

    One blog site would be a lot easier for you! Just combine them both into one and rename the ONE?!?!

    He is the cutest baby! I just love all your little photos of him! His skinny little legs remind me of how little my boys used to be. They grow up way too fast!

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