Mommy brain has struck

I was freaking out today thinking my kid has an eating problem. Ok, so sometimes it doesn’t pay to know all about the different disabilities associated with teaching in Special Ed. I was freaked Porter had Prader Willi Syndrome– a type of disability somewhat associated with autism but the person with PW has an obsession with food. So here’s the story–

Ryan and I write down all of Porter’s feedings, and how much he’s eating at each. If we didn’t, we’d never remember when we fed him last etc… (same goes for all my meds… I have to keep track of it by writing it down or I don’t remember when I last took them). Anyway, I have felt like I’m constantly warming up a bottle for him, and I feel like he’s eating ALL the time. Now, he eats every 2-4 hours, depending on if he sleeps a long time or not. Each feeding he gets about 2-3 oz, which varies depending on what he decides to eat. So, I go back to our list from the last few days and count up the feedings for one day (err… what I thought was one day) and I counted 18 feedings! I thought- that is NUTS! So I looked at the booklet that the hospital sent home and there’s a section on bottle feeding etc. and it says most 1-3 week olds eat 6-8 feedings a day of 2-3 ounces, and they typically need to eat 2oz of formula per pound of body weight (7lb baby would need approx. 14oz a day). I thought- WHAT THE HECK! My kid is eating THREE TIMES that amount! I added up 40oz of formula in one day. So I called the pediatrician and left a message with the receptionist to ask the doctor if 18 feedings a day is rediculous, and she asked how much he gets at each feeding (2-3oz) and how often (2-3 hours apart). She says to call back in an hour. My aunt was over and we’re talking about this issue, and I stop and think… hmmm 8 feedings a day is every 3 hours, which is about what he’s eating, right? So I look back at my list and realize I’d counted for TWO days (4:45pm on Fri. to 4:45pm on Sun) and my aunt and I started to crack up… turns out he is only eating 9 times a day, which seems very much normal. He is eating about 20oz of formula, though, but he’s not spitting up much so I’m not going to worry. Well, Aunt Dawn and I had a great laugh over that… I feel like an idiot calling the doctor about him eating 18 times a day… DUH that’d be about every darn hour. So, I’m sure they’re thinking I’m a moron who can’t do math.

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