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Ok, this post is going to be a little random.  I’m going with the "review" theme and am going to review some baby items… I recieved a One Step Ahead catalog the other day in the mail, and had a good laugh at some of the items for sale.  I thought… who the heck would use these?  (but then I thought… ehhh I do know some people who totally baby their kid(s) and would throw their money away at useless inventions) but anyway… since babies are on the brain for our group of friends (Reyna is due in about a month!) I thought it’d be fun to do a "Totally Useless" and "Totally Essential" post on baby items.

So, here we go.

Totally Useless
(disclaimer: If you have these items, love them and use them… great.  My opinion is just that… my opinion.  Its not right nor wrong.)

Tub Time Bumper- This was the item that sparked the idea for this post. Let me say… WHAT THE HELL?  A kid can’t even bathe in the bathtub without a bumper??  Seriously… why not put your kid in a bubble to live.

Shopping Cart Cover– I crack up every time I see someone at the store with one of these.  (so… I know I’m going to offend SOMEONE with this post…) Yeah, the carts are probably crawling with germs.  But, let me deliver you some newsbreaking information… your kid WILL come into contact with germs sometime in their life.  Same goes with the high chair covers… I have enough crap to cart around with a baby.  The last thing I want to try to remember is some kind of contraption cover. 

Wipe Warmers-  Now, lots of new moms register for these.  I, personally, have thought this was a really stupid invention, unless you have some sort of "travelling wipe warmer" for your diaper bag. Yeah, cold wipes aren’t all that fun on baby bottoms… but isn’t it even more torture to have their tushie all used to warm wipes, and then when you’re away from home you have to use *GASP* cold wipes on their bum?  (same goes for bottle warmers… that is, unless you refrigerate formula.  We always use room temp water… and when we did make formula batches ahead of time and refrigerated them, we only warmed the bottle in the microwave for ohhh 15 seconds just to get rid of the chill)

Baby Safe Feeder– Ok, I’m kind of on the fence with this one.  Porter does have one but we never used it.  He’s been eating solid foods… chunks of fruit etc… since he was about 6-7 months old.  It was a sink or swim thing… learn to gum up soft fruits or choke LOL.  Maybe that seems mean.  Anyway, my child is still alive, and he chews food great.  I think it is a neat invention for babies… maybe I would have used it sometime… maybe frozen fruit for teething babies…but look at the age on that… up to 2 years??? Seriously, if you have a 2 year old sucking fruit from one of those you have some problems (again… I think I know someone who could possibly have that problem).

Totally Essential
Bumbo– I don’t think I could have lived without this. I loved my bumbo.  Porter was able to sit somewhat upright from about 6-8 weeks old.  He could sit on the counter next to me washing dishes, he could watch his einstein movies, he ate his first cereals in this until he could sit up in the booster (more on that later) and it is so light and portable it can travel anywhere.  This, I do believe, is something you absolutely must have. 

Booster-  Honestly, I think eventually "old school" highchairs are going to be phased out.  We never registered for one, never needed one… they waste soooo much space and are so bulky and "HEY look at this BABY chair!".  Porter ate from his bumbo until he could sit up, and from then he ate in a booster.  Saved us so much space, especially since our house is so small.  There are even boosters that recline, so babies who can’t sit up yet can use them (if you don’t want to invest in a bumbo).  And they are a fraction of the cost of big high chairs.   AND they are portable too.  Whew.  Lots of bonuses for this little item.

Boppy-  for awhile, the only place Porter would sleep soundly was in his boppy.  And I think Jess can vouch for this… boppys (boppies?) are lifesavers with infants.  THey keep them feeling snug and secure.  (no, Les, I’m not trying to stir up more frantic boppy dreams…. you won’t die if you don’t have one… babies can lay virtually anywhere… but they are nice to have)

Swinging Gate–  When we registered, we originally registered for this $80 white metal gate that had a swinging door on it.  The opening was only about 20", as there was some sort of "frame" on the sides (you know what I’m talking about… these types of gates seem pretty popular).  Anyway, Heather and Ryan had one of these wooden swinging gates, and it is so awesome. It goes across the whole width of your doorway, so you don’t have this tiny opening to walk through, and it swings open and is adjustable.  And cheap!  This is definitely the gate I would recommend.

OK, this isn’t an "essential" but I think its so cool!  I wish I had known about this when P was an infant…
3D mold

Well, I think thats about it.  I’m not sure what the point is of this post, but maybe new-mom-to-be’s out there might like the reviews.  As I said before, my opinions are neither right nor wrong.  Some of these items may have worked for you, or may have not.  Feel free to throw in your two cents/reviews etc.  if you’d like.


  1. Nic-

    This is a great post! I had the baby safe feeder & what a pain in the rear!! I’ll second the comment on the Boppy pillow-it is a must have:) Happy New Year!

  2. FYI you are starting to make me nervous again!!!! J/K. 🙂 Great post. I receieved that same catalog the other day and had a few good laughs myself. There probably are people that are thinking, “I couldn’t live without my wipe warmer or shopping cart cover,” but whatever. I think that both items are pretty useless.

  3. I am soooo glad you did this. We are thinking about starting a family and I am pretty clueless about what we need & don’t need. It was great to get an opinion on all the crap out there.

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