Favorite Posts of 2006

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I thought I’d go back over the year of my posts and list some that still make me chuckle.  Enjoy the new year!

Honey, what are those bruises on your thighs?

The “I haven’t had anything nice to say lately” post
My kid eats 18 bottles a day, every 3 hours….. ????
How did they pass English?
GRRR… the “My husband is irritating me, but hell, I’m pregnant so what ISN’T irritating me right now?”

Funny baby tees.. Wear ’em like the rockstar you are

Pimping with Kim (follow the link to her blog to read the whole story)

“What’s HEAT?” and “The Bible says its healthy to drink beer.” as told by 2nd graders

Evolution of Dance

The one where Kim was a total blonde and didn’t know I was the anonymous poster on her blog
The “not compatible” bathing suit
How to hug a baby

Funny food faces
Toy snatching slideshow

Questions that make you think

Ross the Intern

  1. Funny. The sad part? I remember a lot of these…. I need a life 🙂 BTW, your Christmas pics turned out great!! Hope p is feeling better!

  2. Um, how come I am the subject of most of these? LMAO Aaaah, we have a good time together! Sometimes I think we just blog so each other can read it. LOL I know when I’m writing something that you will be laughing about it!

    In regards to this one: “My husband is irritating me, but hell, I’m pregnant so what ISN’T irritating me right now?” I feel like this now, but I’m not pregnant LOL

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