For my geographically challened buddy ol pal Kim….

I told you you were going to make my blog again…. tryin’ to appear in all the funny posts, huh? 

So, here are a few emails Kim and I sent back and forth.  I deleted some of the "fluff"… but the nitty gritty crack you up is in there….

(I’m PURPLE and Kim is BLUE)

Heather and I were thinking this summer we need to have a
blog get together!  We thought that everyone who keeps up with each others blogs should
get together with all the babies.  Wouldn’t that be fun?  Have a little mini blog-meet up
Oooooh that would be SO fun!! But lord, where would we
meet? I’m so geographically challenged I honestly don’t even really know where
MI is HAHAHA How embarrassing. But don’t worry, I don’t really even know my own
country either. I am so sad. I should have paid more attention in school!

Man, that would be such a blast. Porter will be walking by
then and you will be feeling my pain as to what a pain in the arse a toddler on
the run is!!!

PFFFTTT!  Know what my next post will be on my blog? 
Ok… all joking aside… Uhm… Michigan is that state
shaped like a MITTEN…. In the United States of America… the big hunk of land
attached to Canada?  we’re over by Windsor.. the casino. 
I have no idea where we would meet up… Somewhere
fun.  Thats for sure. Ok, we ARE the fun, so what the hell does it matter.   I
think it’d be so neat to see all the babies together.

OMG, a MITTEN??? Where the hell do you live, woman? LMAO That has
me totally cracking up.

And I realize it’s in the United States of
America, you ass LOL

We totally have to talk more about this, it would be

OMG, it’s totally a mitten. I’m laughing so

If you go to that
same map, see Vancouver in the top left hand corner? Then next to that is a big
island? That’s where we are. No mitten. It kind of looks like an alligator
though HAHA

So there’s your funny for the day.  Kim, you’re the best. 

  1. You are in such big trouble! Now everyone knows I slacked in school! LOL At least I don’t live in a freaking MITTEN, though HAHA

    Now I’m wondering what emails I have that I could post.. hmmmmm…..

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