Ahh… The third day into 2007 and I still am not sure what my goals are for this year. 

I am horrible at keeping resolutions.  I would like to say one of my resolutions is to get back into working out, and running, like I did before getting pregnant.  But isn’t that just about everyone’s resolution (ok, so maybe not the "like before getting pregnant" part).  Its so funny to read blogs where people mention joining gyms, starting workout routines, having a goal to be thin by next Christmas.  Whats the percentage that really reach that goal?  Not big.

Anyway, (sorry to be a downer on that part LOL)… I’m not sure what my goals are this year.  I do have one, it seems sort of simple but I think it’ll make out to be harder than I thought.  I want to capture my life day by day.  Picture by picture.  Capture the little moments, the moments that seem monotonous but in all reality, make up my life. 

I’m starting on a project named "Project 365"  (I’ve added v.2007 for this year, in case I keep on it and do it again next year).  I’m not sure exactly WHO started Project 365, but I’ve read about it on Melissa Davis’ blog and also found another site where someone did this same sort of thing.

I’m going to challenge myself to take a picture a day this whole entire year.  And carry my camera more places. (and hopefully get a cheap point and shoot so that will be easier to do….).

Heather started her "year long photo album" I Like Today Because in a new blog.  I wanted to do that… to dedicate a whole blog to Project 365, but I’m already overwhelmed with online blogs/sites to keep up with.  (Photography website, Photography Blog, this blog, uhm… hmmm seems like I had more…). Soooo… I started a photo album for Project 365.  I am going to try to journal a little in the description area of the picture… maybe just a few feelings from the day, or a little description of the picture.  Maybe I won’t write anything at all. But, hopefully, in the end… all 365 pictures will be there.  And how cool will it be to look back and see my year in review. 

So, without further ado…. my "only" New Years Resolution (so far)…

Project 365 v.2007

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