Bad blogger… random thoughts.

I’ve been bad at blogging lately (and it seems like all the blogs I stalk have been kinda slow with the posts lately too….). I can’t tell you how many times a day I think “Oh, I could blog that.” but at the end of the day, when I’m by the computer, the idea has left my mind.

So, today I’m going to jot down some random things, thoughts, ideas, etc…

  • Funny. In class today, Mo (teacher) was explaining an assignment to the kids. A.V., a little girl thats quite young for 1st grade, and a little “scattered”, I might add, said to her out of the blue…

    “Do you want to buy any cookies from me?”

    Mo says (a bit sarcastically, as the random comments from A.V. can get annoying): “Do you have any diet cookies?”

    A.V. stares at her, looks confused, and says “Uh… I’ll just ask Mrs. Barczak.” (as in, forget it… I have no clue if we have diet cookies, I’ll move on to the next potential customer HAHA)

  • I have found a resolution for this year. Well, I have numerous ones, but this one I think will be the most important.

    Be positive and try to find the good in everyone.

    I recently found out some information about someone I am pretty close with… someone who is always a very negative person, always bad talking people. Well, I’ve become one of those people this person bad talks. And I’ve done nothing to provoke the bad-talking. See, its one thing to vent/air your frustrations about friends/family if there was an incident or something that provoked it. They hurt your feelings, let you down, did something mean to you. But to just bad talk someone for no reason, for just the thrill of being a mean, bitter person?

    I have often found myself acting negative for no reason, and I realize… I don’t like the me that does that. I don’t want to be negative just to be negative (now, its a different story if someone has done something to make me mad/irritated/let down… I feel that venting bad feelings is a way of getting over it…).

    If I look for the good in these people, the reason in these people… maybe I will find that…

    Maybe those people who are flakey or unreliable are just insecure and unable to keep their promises/decisions.

    Maybe the people who are negative and bad talking were just raised that way, they don’t realize they are acting the way they are.

    Maybe the people who drive too slow have, in the past, lost someone they loved in an accident and are just extra caution when driving.

    Maybe I’m just making excuses for them, but maybe, just maybe, this will help me to become a better person. A more caring person. A more positive person.

    So, that is my resolution… I’m going to try to be more positive about people instead of assuming the worst. Look on the bright side, look at the positive qualities. Maybe it will help some relationships that are tattered right now.

  • Jess and I have been discussing lots of business ideas for “when” she moves to MI. OHHH I really hope this is a for sure thing. I’m so excited at the thought of Jess and Ryan and the girls living close by!
  • Toys R Us ticks me off. I went to exchange a toy Porter got two of for Christmas, which came from there as it was a Toys R Us brand… and there was a big sign by their return counter that said “NO returns or exchanges without a sales receipt or gift receipt” (ok, so that wasn’t the exact wording, but close). The girl came to the counter and asked if she could help me and I said “No, I guess not. I have a toy to exchange but I don’t have a receipt. It is a Toys R Us trademark brand though…” Nope, she said they wouldn’t let her do it. Ugh. Ok… think positive… Maybe someone ripped off the store and they had to implement this new policy. (ughhhhhhhh…. so, thats one store I’ll not be buying much from anymore).
  • I got to chat with Kristi Mangan today, so cool! There’s some new changes going on with the Design Team and she called to chat/vent about it. Its always fun to get phone calls out of the blue.
  • Michigan finally has snow. Well, I think Sunday evening was when the snow arrived… about time! Its JANUARY in MICHIGAN… what is up with that?

    I guess that is about it for now.

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