Ho Hum…

I feel like I have nothing interesting to blog lately.

I guess I’ll make another "random list" post today…

  • Ry, PoEv (that’d be short for Porter Evan… I know, we’re queer… we find ourselves calling him PoEv a lot lately HAHA) and I went to Outback for dinner tonight.  P only had a short afternoon nap, woke up freakin cranky as all get out, but we had our hearts set on Outback, so we went anyway.  Porter was such a good boy, charming all the watiresses, saying "HI!" and smiling at everyone who walked by him (which was a lot, as we were seated by the door to the kitchen).  He sat in his seat the entire dinner, from the time we got there to the time we put his coat on to leave.  (Heather and I were just discussing kids behaviors in restaurants, so I’m kind of making a point to make Porter learn good restaurant behavior… I don’t care how old he is). 
  • Here’s something funny I overheard this evening..
    "Sorry to be reaching around your stuff, little buddy, but I had to get the buckle."  (Ry was trying to buckle P into his carseat) HAHA!
  • Today is Donnie’s first birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I can’t believe our little clan of boys are growing up so fast!  First Sawman turns 1 in November, now Little D turns 1, and soon P-man (err… PoEv HAHA) will be 1 next month!  YIKES! I’m going to be a mom of a ONE YEAR OLD! 
    Well, here’s a picture of P and D when we first started hanging out with them… walking at Spring Arbor University trying to lose the baby fat (which still hangs around my ass, thighs and belly UGH). 
  • Tomorrow we’re going to watch Ry’s basketball kids (from a few years ago) play JV and Varsity B-Ball.  A few of the boys still call and come over to hang out/stay the night.  They crack me up.  As crazy as having teenagers are, I kind of can’t wait until P is that age… I sorta love them.  (I’m sure, though, when my kids are teenagers I’ll either be wanting to strangle them for being bad and attitudinal or lock them away from all the bad things of the world).  Porter is going to go to his first basketball game!
  • Heather is leaving for Portland for almost THREE WEEKS!  What am I going to do?  No twice a week afternoon chit chat… no game nights… ugh.  Well, good thing we have computers and blogs!  Good luck on the plane with the kiddos!

I think thats about it… I’m not all that interesting lately.

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