Ryan came out of P’s room after putting him to bed and said "I sooooo love that kid."  awww…

And a funny one…

The other day Aria was over and we were having a bit of a difficult time with her school work.  She is struggling sooo bad on sounds.  She’s finally coming along and starting to identify letters, but she just doesn’t "get" the sounds… like beginning of word sounds.  We stretch it out, enunciate it a ton, and she just doesn’t get it.  Anyway, back to the story…

We were having a difficult day, and we stopped to have a snack.  Here’s a little conversation we had…

Aria "Do we have to do more homework?"

Me  "A little more today.  You have a lot to learn still." (in a few weeks she’s going to be tested to get into a private school for kindergarten next year)

Aria "When I get big I won’t have to do homework because big people can do whatever they want.

Me "No big people can’t do whatever they want.  And you probably will have homework… big people go to a school called college."

Aria "No, I won’t go to college.  Its going to take a long day to get there because I take the long way. Not the short way.  I don’t know where it is so its going to take a long time."


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