Porter Walked!

This was totally totally out of the blue.  He still won’t stand alone for more than 3 seconds (and usually its when he doesn’t realize he let go with both hands), but lately he’s been toddling a step or two to get from the coffee table to the couch/person etc…

Well, tonight I was helping him walk to my mom.  He walks SO good when you hold his hands.  I let go of his hands, and he kept on walking… FOUR steps on his own.  He walked back to me, from my mom, taking about 3 steps on his own.  Ry ran to get the video camera, but by then he was dropping to his knees the second we let go of his arms, or lunging forward right when we let go.

My little guy is going to be walking soon!!

I guess I’ll update a little more on Porter, so I have something to reference back to when attempting to fill in the baby book.

  • He has 6 teeth now, and he’s a bit lopsided… he has the 4 front teeth (2 on top, 2 on bottom) but then, if you’re looking at him, he has a new one on the top and bottom, but both on the same side.  Here’s a drawing of him..
  • He has lots of new words he is attempting. 
    • He says No NO!  all day… he knows what "no no" things are. He will pull up to the coffee table, looks at the remote and says "No No!".  Same goes for my candles, glasses, my purse… silly boy. 
    • He called the Christmas tree "Pretty". He was standing by it, looking at it, put his arm in the air and said "Preeee".  I said "Pretty?  Pretty tree?"  He said "Preee".  Aww.
    • He makes truck noises… "Brrrrrrrr"
    • He says Mooo (more like Booooo)
    • Hmm… seems like he was saying a few other things, but of course I didn’t write them down. 
    • He says "hi!" allllll the time. 
  • He gives kisses all the time. Big, wet, open mouthed baby kisses. So sweet!

I’ve begun to notice distinct things about his personality.  See, he’s always been a pretty happy baby (except when he’s teething and then he’s a beast).  He has never really had stranger anxiety, and I guess I’ve always assumed he was outgoing.  Well, I was reading some of Kim’s layouts about Morgan, about how he’s such an active, friendly, outgoing kid, and realized… hmm… Porter isn’t really as outgoing as I thought. 

See, at home, he’s a nut. He is crazy and loud and is on the move allll the time.  But I have noticed that at other peoples houses he’s a bit more reserved… he sits back and studies people, he takes awhile to warm up, he isn’t as talkative and he doesn’t smile as much.  I was talking to Heather about this, saying that he seems to act soo much more outgoing when he’s at home in HIS environment.  He does act pretty comfortable at her house, as we’re over there a few times a week, and he and Sawyer are such little buddies now, but even at her house, or family members houses, he is always just a little more reserved.  And when we’re out and about, at the stores, when people say hi to him, or talk to him, he stares.  A lot of times its because he’s tired and I’m dragging him around on errands really close to his naptime, but still… strangers don’t often just get smiles from him.  He does say hi, though LOL.


  1. Of course he does it while I’m gone!!!
    Yay Porty! (Sorry, just thought he might miss Savannah)
    So he should be taking lots of steps to show off by the time I get back, right?!

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