Ugh. Crappy week.

I swear, it seems like I’m a sucker for bad luck. I have a long post… I’ll start all that later.

First, let me say, my child has been barfing all afternoon. We got home from Heathers, I sat him down on the floor and he threw up all over. He took a nap (a good long nap) and woke up in barf. He was fine all evening, ate a little chicken noodle soup, had a bath, acted fine… went to bed fine… at 11pm, woke up crying and was sitting in barf when I walked in. Poor guy. He’s having a rough day. I hope he’s feeling better tomorrow.

Hmm… what else. Oh, sheesh… I’ll just go ahead and post my drama. Heather said it was funny, that I should post. Well, we’ll see.

So… remember a few weeks ago how I got a ticket for that fender bender after the ice storm? Well, (ok, let me try to keep this short and sweet), I got pulled over.

By the same cop.

And got a ticket.

UGH. See, I had just been at a stoplight, turned right and then noticed flashing lights. I thought… what is he pulling me over for?? Well, I about crapped because it was the same officer, and I had JUST received my court summons in the mail a few days earlier (to fight the ticket he wrote me).

He said the car in front of me was going 36, and he clocked me at 39. I didn’t argue, took the ticket (which he wrote for 30 in a 25)… and then drove away, totally stumped as to how I had been at a dead stop, turned right and within 2 driveways was going 39mph.

I tried at every stopsign to get up to 39 in the same distance. I couldn’t do it. So, when Ry got home I filled him in… he was ticked…. we both got all worked up, called his dad (a barber) and he suggested taking pics of the area, the road conditions etc.

So, as I’m doing this, I remember he wrote some street names on the ticket. Turns out he clocked me speeding on the road I had just turned off of. (however, he did NOT even explain to me where I was speeding etc… when he pulled me over. Basically just said I was going 39 and gave me a ticket).

Anyway… the next day I pick Porter up at my mother in laws house, and she says that my father in law had an officer in the shop today and he asked him his opinion on the situation… told the guy what happened… our side of the story etc…

The officer says “Well, I’ll tell you what happened… I was the one who wrote that ticket.”

Holy freakin crap, huh?  Waaaay to go…… next time try feeling out the officer for his NAME first, ok, Dave? HAHA. (We’d told Ry’s dad the officer’s name, to see if he was one of his customers… nope, nope, didn’t know him….well, apparently he DID).

So… anyway, the officer told him that if I’d given him lip he’d have written the ticket for 39 in a 25, which is what I was going. And he told him thats fine if I fight every ticket, because he gets 2 hours overtime everytime he has to show up in court.


Well, I’m DEFINITELY not fighting the speeding ticket, but I’ll see you in court, buddy, over that “failure to yield” bs. Somehow I have a feeling my luck is just going to be shitty either way…

So, there’s my funny story. Not so funny to me, at the moment. I have to see this dude in court… how embarrassing after my FIL runs his mouth to him. Oh sheesh.

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