We need to be quarantined

UGHHHH..  what a yucky day (to top off a crappy week).  Wednesday, Porter started throwing up his bottles.  He continued this yesterday, and last night was up from 11pm to 1am crying.  Poor guy.  I woke up this morning and I started throwing up. 

Porter seemed to be feeling better, he was able to keep his bottles down, and 2 things of yogurt (thats all he wanted to eat for lunch!). My poor baby played all by himself all day.. he was so good… he’s so independent and I love that about him.  I felt really bad though, as I laid on the couch all day (inbetween running to the bathroom). 

Ryan got home from work, and he started throwing up too.  Great!!  So, thank goodness for parents.  I took Porter to my moms for the night and came home and slept on the couch for 3 hours.  Ryan’s dad went to the store and brought us 7-up, vernors, crackers and popsicles.  Ry is in bed, probably dead.  I’ve been feeling *ok* since just after Ry got home, but I’m scared to eat much of anything. I’ve had Ritz and a popsicle (and those of you who know me know I do NOT eat popsicles…) and 7Up.  (notice my photo-for-the-day….).

Well, hopefully tomorrow it’ll be out of our system and out of our house.  I miss my little guy.  I hate knowing he’s not in his room, sleeping near us.  I know he’s fine, but I just hate to be away from him… especially after being such a slacker mom all day. 

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