In Progress: Blog World meets Real World

Here’s the scoop!  I’ve been thinking for awhile now how fun it would be to meet up with all these great friends I’ve met through blogging.   I wanted to organize a get-together for everyone to meet and originally had thought about a long weekend of just girls only.  But then I realized how much I really wanted to be able to meet all the great little kiddos that I’ve watched grow up through blogging (Gavin, Morgan, Paige and Max for example), and with that thought realized if it were just us moms and kids, we’d be stuck in the hotel with the kids after bedtime… So… that brought up the idea of having a family get together… all the families meet up for a weekend of fun. (that way, if moms wanted to go out one evening, the dads can hang out with the sleeping kiddos and watch tv or play cards etc… and, of course, vice versa!)

I started researching ideas, places, etc.  I originally thought about Chicago as a centralized meeting place (and also partly because quite a few of us- me, Heather, Leslie and possibly a few other Michigan girls) are centrally located.  However, I also tossed around the idea of renting big beach houses on the coast…. but then that left the problem of either east coasters having to fly all the way to the west coast or vice versa. 

SOOO….. here is the plans in the making….. I found Beach Houses for rent… on Lake Michigan in Indiana.  Its a little resort community called The Beachwalk, just a few blocks from Lake Michigan shore and the Indiana Dunes and also a few blocks (or in some cases… directly on) the private Lake Kai.  What else is so great about this place? Let me expand some more….

  • Its 5 minutes away from the Michigan City, IN Outlet mall
  • The South Shore Train runs to Chicago for just $6.25 and is only an hour trip… YAY!  Day trips to Chicago!!
  • Lake Michigan beach is just a few blocks away, as is the Indiana Dunes
  • The "community" also has a pool, a splash pad, and tennis and basketball courts, a putting green, playground and fishing pond.  Lots of amenities!
  • The houses are fully furnished and have kitchens, so we can pool together meals and cook at home to save $$ rather than eating out like we would have to if we were staying in hotels.
  • If we go the first two weeks of June, we can rent a 4 or 5 bedroom house (sleeping up to 18 people) for only $1500…. meaning… if we can get 4 to 5 families per house, the cost is only $300 to $400 per family for an entire week. 

Now, The Beachwalk has close to 50 houses for rent, so that means practically a limitless number of bloggers/families can come!  The more the merrier!

Here is the plan in progress…. The Blog World meets Real World Week will be one of the first weeks in June.  wait until the 3rd week and the price doubles to $3000+ for the house (eeek!).

Families are more than welcome to come (however, if you’ll require more than one room… ie… you have a couple older kids… your share will be a little more than, say, a family with a baby who can sleep in the room with them).  Likewise, if you hubby can’t/doesn’t want to come and/or you don’t want to bring your kids… we’d LOVE for just you to come also!  I don’t want anyone left out and I don’t want anyone to not come because their family can’t/doesn’t want to come.

Also, if you and/or your family are not able to come for the entire week, if we have enough families to rent a large house (4-5 families to rent a 5 bedroom home sleeping 16-18 people), there should be extra pull-out couches available if you want to come, hangout and crash for a few days.  We’ll just adjust the rate and have you pitch in a little $ towards the house rental.

I will need a commitment by October 1st (possibly earlier… I’m getting a hold of the rental place today or tomorrow to figure out when we’ll need to reserve the house/houses by).  Ideas/commitment needs to begin soon, so everyone has time to save $$. After a verbal commitment is given, I’ll need deposits from everyone who is going and I’ll get the deposit down on the house/houses.  Details beyond that… TBD. 

Leave a comment with your email address if you’re entertaining the idea and I’ll put you on the "possibility" list. 

ALSO…. If you’re wanting to be in on this trip, what are your thoughts on family/no family… would you prefer it be "just the bloggin’ girls" or "just families" or "either way… doesn’t matter to me"?

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