New plan, maybe?

Ok, so maybe I’ve gone about this prematurely by making all the plans out before finding out WHO wants to be involved in this "Blog World meets Real World" deal.  I’ve had a couple people approach me about the idea of just a "girls weekend"…. so as to 1)save on airfare for all the bloggin ladies who will need to fly in and 2) let us girls relax and get to know each other sans children and hubs. 

Well, after briefly discussing this with Leslie today, I started to think this might be a better plan?  I don’t know how many "far away" bloggers are really into investing $$ on a big family vacation to meet up with a bunch of people that they had never hung out with before.  I had this feeling inside that even if I went through with the plan, it would end up being me, Heather and Leslie renting the beach house, which would be totally fun because all 3 of us rock and we’re so so awesome, but totally NOT fun because the three of us are old news… we’re friends, we’ve hung out before… we want to meet our bloggin buddies that we HAVEN’T met in real life.  So, the idea of a "girls weekend only" started to sound a little better, as we might have a better chance of having more of our blogging pals able to come. 

So, before I go and jump in and make all these plans and ideas…. I want to know what you readers-bloggers-friends-think….. LEAVE ME A COMMENT…. Do you like the idea of a girls weekend or would you rather go all out and do a whole week and rent a house on the lake?  And, most importantly, are you even remotely interested in this idea?  I mean, am I just crazy to think that we could actually all get together, a huge group of crazy blog-obsessed girls?

And, #2 thing to comment on…. the hotel.  When Heather and I did our own little "girls weekend" in Chicago we stayed in this rinky dink motel in Michigan City, IN (yes, the same town that the beach houses are in).  It was nothing to write home about, but it was cheap and most importantly, clean.  I think it was $40 a night. For 2 queen beds.  Now, if we wanted to really save the cash, we could stay at this motel again, and if 4 girls shared a room it’d be $10 each… rock on! Its also just down the road from the outlet malls, so we could shop there one day and take the train to Chicago the rest of the time (its only $6 to ride the train).  However, another idea floating around is to get a hotel room in Chicago, which would run us about $200/night per room.  (I’m thinking the "girls weekend" will be a Friday/Saturday night thing… so we’d need a hotel for 2 nights).  What are your thoughts on that… would you rather save $$ and stay in a motel or go all out and suck up the cash and stay downtown Chicago?  Ideas/thoughts… please?

  1. Hey Nic. I would realllllly like to join you girls. I love hanging out with you and Les when we have our CLM get togethers and I’d really like to become better friends! I think a girls only weekend away would be so fun. I love Chicago but I only got to go on my Senior Trip, so I didn’t get to really do/see things that interested me. Hotel wise doesn’t matter to me..the only thing I prefer is my own bed, so I’d be willing to pay more for that reason. I’d just have to let Jeff know what weekend/month we plan on going and I’ll go 100% possitive. Outlet shopping is my favorite. I’m going up to Howell on Saturday. LOL.

  2. Hey! I wish I could but it’s too much $$$ for me to make it, I can’t justify $1000 for a plane ticket when I’m so poor right now! If I win the lottery or come into some money though, I’m there!

  3. I like the idea of staying at the Michigan City hotel, its cheaper, we can take the cheap train into Chicago, can go to Lake Michigan, go to the outlets. Just sounds so much nicer and maybe more of the bloggin ladies might be more apt to come when its a little less pricey that the hotels in Chicago.

  4. I think the girls weekend sounds fun! Either one sounds fun but a weekend would probably be more manageable, at least for me… I would have to figure out how I could get there…

    That was my husband who wrote you that comment about getting his wife out of the house, by the way. Such a dork. 🙂

  5. I think you’d have as much fun with just a weekend trip and save the extra $$$ for the SHOPPING!! 😉 I used to take the train from Dearborn to Niles and it was always awesome to catch up with friends and shop.

  6. Hi Nic,
    I think it would be fun to save $$$$ and spend the weekend with just girls! Shopping, hanging out, what more could you ask for? 🙂

  7. Oooh, I would so love to come and join you!! I will have to talk to the hubby about it, I know that I am new at blogging, but I have been stalking, uh, reading yours for quite a while!! 🙂

  8. It would be much more feasible for me to swing it if it was just a girls weekend. AND, don’t forget Nic that I can get us hotels for really good prices thru the military!!! I can do some research on that when we get back home if you want me to!

  9. It sounds like its sure to be a great time- I will have to play it by ear and see what happens- but I will keep it in mind and try to plan for it.

    Which airport would one fly in to?

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