More Cheeeeese!

Surprisingly, this "Cheese" thing has actually given me the opportunity to catch Porter actually, well, smiling!  So far he doesn’t do the fake cheese yet, and when he says "Cheese" it usually sets him into a fit of giggling and laughing at me, and saying "LIGHT!  LIGHT!" (because I have been using the p&s with the -gaaag- flash).  So, "Cheese" has actually started out as something funny for him that actually GETS him to laugh/smile.  I have always had the hardest time getting him to laugh with/at me when I take pictures of him.  However, this newfound smiling thing only works with the p&s.  I think my 30D has forever been engrained in his brain as a tool of photo torture.

Well, I guess I’ll learn to love the cheese.  ICK.  I dread when he’s 3 or 4 or 5 and actually FORCES the fake cheese smile.  EWWWW.

So, here are a few of my recent "Cheesy" "liiiiiight!" pictures of Porter…

(Ok that second one… total fake Cheese smile…. HAHAHA!)


And, because I just loaded this card onto my computer…. a few pictures from yesterday.  Or was it today?  Or the day before?  Ehh whatever.

The pool with Les and Reyna:


And, my living room this morning…. I wish I could say this was the ONLY room that looked like this. Unfortunately, the kitchen, playroom and P’s room looked scarily similar. 

  1. Did you guys have a tornado that we didn’t know about????hahahha. J/k. The pictures of Reyna and I is cute. I am glad that you didn’t get most of me in the shot. That would have been scary for you readers!!!! 🙂

  2. Oh, yay! I am so glad my living room isn’t the only one in that condition! 😛 I love your chair, by the way. what a gorgeous smile that boy has!

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