P, P, P, missing Mr. P

Porter went with his nana and papa to stay the night with them at their camper in Coldwater.  He’s stayed the night away from home a few times before (3 or 4, I think), but there’s something about knowing he’s not in the same town as me that makes me sad.  I know he’s having a blast, probably getting spoiled and eating lots of junk and running wild and picking up rocks and going on boat rides, but the house just isn’t the same without him.  I won’t get to see him much this weekend (or barely next week, at that!) as tomorrow I’m doing an all day crop in Lansing with some friends (I’ll be heading home early though so I can spend some time with P before bedtime) and on Sunday I have 3 sessions, so I’ll be busy busy busy.  Monday I have another session in the morning, Tuesday Sam is coming to babysit so I can get caught up with proofing all these freaking sessions, and Wednesday I have two more sessions!  Crazy stuff, huh!

Anyhow, today we did get to spend some time together.  We went on a walk in the wagon and found some mud puddles to jump in.  A few weeks ago I had a couple little guys in a session playing in mud puddles, and I just loved the images.  I wanted to take some of P in puddles too.  So, here are our Porter pictures for the day…




He wouldn’t put down that little monkey toy he found today.  It came with his Animal Train, and has been stuck in a drawer for months I’m sure.  He found it this morning and has carried it around all day.  His “Monk”.

So, speaking of Porter… (here’s where you leave if you’re sick of his updates)

  • He is cracking me up lately with things he says.  He tries to repeat EVERYTHING, and often he’ll repeat the last word of sentences (Like, “Aubri’s coming over”  he’ll say “over”). He calls Aubri “A-bree-a”.  I can’t keep up with how many words he says.  I swear he picks up numerous new words a day.
  • His funniest word yet: Helicopter aka “ha ta ta ta”
  • He LOVES trucks, diggers, dump trucks etc… He practically studies his truck books and we read each of them about 5 times a day.  I point to the pictures and he says the truck name, or vice versa, I ask him where the dump truck is and he points it out.  He can identify loaders, dump trucks, bulldozers, tractors, big trucks (aka, semis), airplanes, trains (choo choos), and in one book he can pick out the fork lift and the skid steer.  Odd, yeah.
  • He’s starting to try to sing the ABC’s… courtesy of Leap Frog Fridge Phonics.  He gets “A, B, C, D” and he love to put his letters in and hear it say “T says TTTT, T says TTT, Every letter makes a sound, T says TTTT”
  • He’s been using his manners so well lately.   He tells you Excuse Me (“me me”) when he needs to walk by you, he says Please most of the time and Thank you about half the time… he usually only signs Thank You, which actually looks like a wag of the hand (see picture above…). Last night he was eating vienna sausage smokies for dinner and I thought he was done as he was saying something like “aht donnn peeese” and I went to get him down and he’s frantically signing ‘please’ and saying “aht donnn peeeeeeeese!”.  Turns out he was saying “Hot dog, please!” He wanted more food!
  • I always say to him “Hey Baby” in the mornings, and often when I “answer” him, as in if he comes up to me with a book I’ll say “Hey Baby!”  Well, now he comes up to me and will say “Hey Baby!” and its just the sweetest thing.  HE is calling me BABY haha!  He does it to Ramsey too… he’ll say “Ree ree, Hey baby!”
  • His new thing to get your attention is to hold his arms up and say “HUG!”  If he wants up or out of his seat or out of the cart at the store or, in general just wants your attention, he’ll get this pitiful look on his face and say “HUG!”  Now, how can you resist that?

Ok, I think thats about it for updates now.  I just have to keep writing this all down so I don’t forget it in a month or two or fifty.

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