Best thing ever

Well, for at least today that is.

We had a pillow fight with Porter tonight, and oh my word was it hilarious!  Ryan started out by tossing a pillow at him while I was changing his diaper, and informed me that they were having pillow fights earlier (while I was away at sessions).  So, Porter hopped up and ran after Ryan with the couch pillow and threw it at him (ok, so he tried to throw it at him… it only moved about 4 inches HAHA!).  Ryan totally played into it and jerked back, sound effects and all, as if he’d been hit with a whopper of a pillow.

And so it began.

For about a half our, the three of us played on the living room floor, whacking each other with pillows (alright, alright…. Ryan and I whacking Porter with pillows, and Porter “thinking” he was whacking us).  We were busting up so hard, our stomachs hurt. Porter got SO into it… he started doing sound effects, and he’d throw a pillow at me and jump back and say “WoooahhHH!!!  Uhhhh!!!” with this huge “I got ya!” surprised look on his face.  He was laughing so hard he could barely stand up in between pillow whomps.

Good times.  Good times.

I am so thankful that I had time to spend with him today.  Originally I had 3 sessions scheduled, but luckily my 5:30 had to reschedule and I was done for the day around 2pm.  We spent our afternoon just hanging out, and then Porter and I met Maria at Maggie Moos for ice cream (Porter sat in a chair like a big boy, no high chair! And he ate his very own cup of Peach Ice Cream.  He loved it!), and then Maria joined us for a stroll through JoAnn Fabrics just for fun.

  1. mmm… maggie moos is Soooo good!

    pillow fights are hilarious! Jason just taught Tiegan to whack ME with a pillow. but it was a full-sized bed pillow, which made it hilarious to watch her trying to run around the living room with it. LOL. glad you had a good night!

  2. That is the best! My favorite times are when we are hanging out together as a family doing silly things like that to make Olivia do the “belly laugh”!

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