Welcome to BlogLand

Just a shout out to two new blogging friends..

Jen @ More Spilled Milk
Lynne @ Make It Last
Elizabeth @ Everyday is a Gift

They’ve just got their blogs up and running, but I’m positive they’ll have lots of great stuff to write about.  Go check them out, leave them some blog love {Comments} and frequent their sites to keep em motivated.

*Tips for new bloggers… the secret to getting comments/readers on your site is to be a frequent commenter on other blogs.  Even if the blog is a stranger and you don’t know them/they don’t know you… you can still say "Hi" and comment on their posts/thoughts.  And, then they might come and check out YOUR blog and comment to you!

  1. You are definitely right, everyone loves a comment….even the smallest thing helps motivate you. I’ve really got to call you & help me out with a new banner for my blog. Ughhh, I’m such a slacker!! Hey did you do the “Make It Last” one….it’s really cute, I like the title!!

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