Not a Thought for Thursday

Sorry to disappoint…  I won’t be participating this week.  Thursday totally crept up on me and I’ve been way overloaded today with last minute client orders/requests and trying to pack for Porter and my trip to St. Louis.  I’ll be gone for a week (you bet I’ll post while I’m down there… Heather and I are going to get to finally blog/IM from the same room again.. just like old times!!), and as usual, trying to leave a home business for a week is hectic as hell.  I try to make the impact as small as possible on my clients, which in turn puts more work/stress on me and cuts into my vacation enjoyment.  I guess you couldn’t really call St. Louis a "vacation" as I’ll have 3 sessions while I’m down there… so its pretty much the same ol work week as at home HAHA!

Anyhow… I just wanted to take a moment, post a quick "sorry" to my readers and also to other TFT posters as I probably won’t get a chance to comment right away.  Maybe tomorrow… or Saturday.  (or, if the hotel has wi-fi I’ll try to post after P is in bed).  I have read all your posts, they’re great, and I hope I’ll have time soon to comment.

Wish me luck on my road trip with an 18 month old!!

  1. Hey Nicole! Good luck on the trip with Porter! He seems to be such a nice little guy, I’m sure he will be good for you! Don’t work too much… heh heh:) and hope you have lots of fun with Heather and her fam.

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