Splish Splash!

They were taking a…. shower….

The little dudes, that is.  I had to title this B.I.T.S (Boys In The Shower) but I didn’t want pervs searching for "boys in the shower" on Photobucket to pull up my video.  Anyhow, Heather and Ryan have this big stand up shower an the boys were having a ball running through the water and dunking their heads.

ETA… Here are some photos taken so far on our visit.  Ry left this afternoon… his flight was delayed, but he’s now home safe (and alone… poor guy!).   Its been a rainy and muggy the last 2 days, but we’ve managed to make it outside a few times to play.

Today we went to Zachary’s Playground.  This place is the most awesome playground I’ve ever been to.  Its clean, has a nice padded "pressed rubber" flooring, and a million different things for kids to play on.  And all the play climbers are neat and unique… and ADA accessible!!  Very very cool.  Porter ran like a wild man through the whole thing.  (Here’s a photo of an aerial view of the playground under construction- just so you can get an idea of how large it is.  The ramp along the outside is for wheelchairs to get onto the climbers/playthings)

(Aren’t P and S’s matching shirts too funny!  Ry got P dressed this morning, and Heather came downstairs to get Sawyer dressed and the outfit she had picked out was the same thing I had put on Porter. Total coincidence and pretty funny, so we left them dressed the same.  Savannah kept calling them "The Twins" all day.)


Sunday we went to the Landing and to see the Arch.  We also had lunch at the Morgan Street Brewery– yummy!





I’m having a great time here.  I miss hanging out with Heather!  St. Louis (and the surrounding areas… which is where they live) is great.  I absolutely love the area… there is so much to see and do and stores and malls and kid places, and daycares and playgrounds.  And the people around here seem so normal… can you believe I haven’t seen any 20 year olds with 3 kids or ghetto wanna be’s around here?  So nice.  I love the neighborhood they live in (well, there are millions of them around here… so I’m sure they’re all pretty similar).  I never grew up in a neighborhood where families met up and went on walks and gathered in the streets to chat after dinner.  I always thought the "typical suburbia" lifestyle was so cookie cutter– all the houses look the same etc.  Just like how my aunt has been trying to get us to move to Atlanta area near her, I always just thought I’d hate the neighborhood life.  But, now being a mom I realize I really want that for my kids someday.  I hope that once Ry is out of school we can move somewhere and have that for our kids.  It’ll definitely have to be out of Jackson… Ann Arbor area/Canton at the least… maybe we’ll take a leap and head down to Atlanta/Snellville or even to St. Louis!  I just know after being so near to so much, and in such a family oriented town, that is what I want for our family.  Wow… update post turned into a ramble!  Go figure.  Anyhow… this area is great. Thats my summary LOL. 

  1. Hey Great posting today!! I love the video and you talking about St. Louis. It does sound really nice down there! Wish Jackson to straighten up some!!

  2. I am so glad you are having fun in St. Louis. I love your blog and the photos are amazing, although I guess they should be considering what you do!

  3. I love the video! Soo cute. Those pics are soo good too! Yea, so Jackson is something, isn’t it? Lol. I’m so glad you guys are having a great time!

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