I’m alive, I’m alive!

My last post was written from a hotel room in Indianapolis.  Well, Plainfield, IL to be exact.  I can write about this now as the big secret is over.  Right now I’m in O’Fallon, MO sitting on the Morrisons couch with Heather and Kasey and 3 laptops.  Yup, Saturday night and we’re big dorks all blogging.

Ok, wait, we’re even bigger dorks… we just set up the timer and took pictures of us blogging… and not just one… we had quite a few outtakes! HAHA!

Anyhow… why are we here? Well, Heather threw a surprise party for Ryan’s 30th birthday… the big 3-0.  We’ve had plans to drive down here for awhile, but I haven’t been able to say anything on the blog.

So, anyhow, thats why Thursday was so stressful.  I was trying to wrap up client orders, get things sent to the lab, get packed and get ready to hit the road.  We drove 4 hours to Indianapolis and stayed the night at Lee’s Inn (cheap- $60- nothing special, but definitely good for the price).  Yesterday we finished our trip and made it here around 3pm.  Porter did SO well in the car.

I actually ended up booking three sessions while I’m down here.  I had two newborn sessions today and I have another session on Wednesday.  Ryan is flying home to MI on Monday evening and Porter and I are staying the rest of the week to visit and for my session.  Wish me luck on our drive home… just me and P in the car for 8 long hours.  Hopefully he’ll do as well as he did on the way down.  I just plan to take lots of breaks, we’ll visit a few different Targets along the highways and stretch our legs LOL.

Anyhow, I didn’t take any party pictures, but Heather did… you can see them HERE.  The party was great.  All of their friends and neighbors down here are wonderful, friendly and so fun.

Today, Heather came along with me to my sessions in St. Louis, and Kasey met up with us at Mike and Erin’s house for my session with sweet baby Yuri.  Afterwards, us three girls met up with the guys and kids at Chick-Fil-A for dinner.

I haven’t taken many pictures, but here are a few from “on the road”.  We stopped at a rest stop to change P into his pj’s and he was so excited to see the “Big Trucks”.




  1. HA HA! that pic of all of y’all blogging together is so great! Heh heh:) Glad you guys had a safe trip down, and good luck on the trip back with Porter!

  2. Well, I know who to entrust surprises with-HA! You are good!

    Hope you have a good time & look forward to more pictures.

  3. Sounds like you are having a great time. Enjoy your vacation, I am sure you will be starting back to school real soon. Our kids come back on Wednesday. Porter is so cute with the big trucks.

  4. Okay so when I check out Heather’s blog before yours, I saw the picture and I looked twice cause I thought that was you and then I thought…”that girl looks a lot like Nicole..nooo it can’t be her.” And then I looked again. “Oh my God, it is her! haha.” Too funny! Love the picture. Glad that you are having a blast!

  5. Hey there! So glad your trip is going well. I hope it continues! Greg teaches at Band Camps for a ton of different schools, so for like the whole month of August we barely see him. 😦 Anyways, I gotta go do my call reports for work and then try to think up a blog myself! lol. Hope to hear more about your visit soon.

  6. I know this will probably get the “weirdest/most random comment award” but I love the “nb” watermarks on your blog pics. haha.

    Anyway, I LOVE the picture of the 3 of you blogging together!! that’s perfect for a scrapbook! (I bet even the outtake pictures would be cute to include on a scrapbook page)

  7. I was waiting to see a posting from you guys to see how the party went.. Now I gotta head over to Heather’s blog to see the pics. Have a great week in Missouri!!

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