Watching Wonderpets gave me a nightmare.

This morning I woke from an awful nightmare.  It was one of those dreams where it feels SO real, where the emotion and stress and terror resonates through your body.  It replays in your head.

It really was a silly dream.  But it felt so real.  I don’t remember all of it, but bits and pieces as usual.

I dreamed about (or is it “drame” Heather? HAHA!) a volcano… I was somewhere, I don’t remember where, but my house was near a volcano and it was going to erupt.  The whole dream seems blurry, and when I think of the parts that I remember, it seems that I relived the same dream about 5 times.  Basically, I was in my house and Ryan and I were trying to get out of the house because the volcano was going to erupt.  But then, it doesn’t seem like it was Ryan in the dream.  I dunno.  Anyhow, about 5 different times in the dream the volcano erupted.

I remember getting into a car or boat or something and having to leave my dogs in the house.  I remember being so sad thinking that they’d die not knowing what was going on, but for some reason I couldn’t take them with us.  I remember hoping that the house was “lava proof” (haha!).

In another part of the dream, we did take the dogs but we were in the woods or something and they got lost as we had no leashes for them.

And then one part of the dream the volcano did erupt, and a huge ball of lava flew up and landed in the water around it (don’t ask why I was living near an ocean/large body of water).  But then… I remember it seemed like the land/roads were flooded.  Hmm…

I also remember trying to climb/run/walk up a steep hill to get away from the house, and leaving Ryan behind because he was doing something else in the house.  But my legs were heavy and I couldn’t move fast.

I have no idea where Porter was in all this.  I do remember feeling horror about him being somewhere away from me, as if I had had to leave him in the house or something, but its not clear to me now what was going on.

Then I remember being in a house in the woods, away from the erupting chaos, and Ryan’s friend Scotts house was just a few roads over and I wanted to go see if they were ok but their road was covered in lava so we couldn’t walk on it.

Strange huh…. all these parts of the dream that don’t really fit together.  All day today I couldn’t figure out why the hell I was dreaming about a volcano!  I kept trying to figure out where exactly that came from. Why a volcano?  Usually, when I dream strange things, its because some part of my dream was something I’d seen/read about in real life.

And then I remembered… yesterday Porter and I were watching WonderPets and they were off to China to save a baby crane from a volcano.  What the hell! Now I’m having nightmares from watching preschooler cartoons???

So… to keep up with the “how to be a good blogger”…. Do you guys remember your dreams often?  Do you have strange dreams like I do? Do your dreams often have parts in them that had to do with something you saw/heard about in real life?

  1. You know, now that I think of it.. I haven’t had a dream, or at least remember having a dream for quite some time!! Seriously, I want to say like 6-9 months!! Is this strange??? I know that when I do remember my dreams, they are usually bits and pieces of what I saw during the past week. It is always so strange how your brain just picks those things apart and puts them together. And they always fell sooooo real when its going on. I know I would wake up feeling relly weird and how real that dream just felt. Thank God it wasn’t!!

  2. I was laughing my butt off so hard I almost snorted hot coffee out my nose! That sounded exactly the way every one of my dreams plays out & the way I try to explain it. I totally understand! Especially the hot-dog legs, where you try to run fast & hard, but you just cannot, your legs are so heavy & rubbery. 90% of the time I remember my dreams & they are most vivid. If I have injured myself previously in the day (pulled a muscle gardening, etc., & it hurts alot that will also play a part in my dream as I am falling or getting hit or some kind of action in my dream-just crazy!

  3. My dreams almost always have something to do with what is going on around me IRL…I am a very suggestable dreamer!
    Other times they are really random and make no sense at all.
    Erick rarely dreams of things in his real life.

  4. My dreams almost always have something to do with what is going on around me IRL…I am a very suggestable dreamer!
    Other times they are really random and make no sense at all.
    Erick rarely dreams of things in his real life.

  5. I dream alot, and almost always remember at least a piece of them. And yes, they often have something to do with things in my life. In fact, I had to stop watching “Dog the Bounty Hunter” because everytime I did, I’d dream I was chasing bad guys & I wouldn’t get a restful nights sleep. I also often have bad dreams & nightmares (they’re different to me). I hate the ones that you can’t seem to get out of even when you wake up. Every time you close your eyes it starts over again. I usually have to get up & walk around a bit & try to clear my head. If that doesn’t work I try praying or singing “Amazing Grace” in my head.

  6. Okay, so last night, after reading this post, *I* had a dream about YOU. I was at the salon waiting to get my hair cut, and you were there waiting, too! And, before I left to go sit in the chair, we had someone snap a picture of us together (OBVIOUSLY). HAHAHAHAHA!

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