I just got off the phone with a client and, after getting through all the session info we got to talking about her nieces, who I knew from working at Angels Among Us daycare.  Anyhow… to make a long story short, she mentioned that her children went to a daycare in Vandercook that she is so sad to have left.  What a coincidence… the daycare is right around the corner from me!  I’ve been looking (or, well… not looking but NEEDING to look) for daycare for Porter as my one option has filled her last spots, and another option (Kris– if you’re reading! *wink*) is a little out of the way from my work.  So, for the time being I was planning on something like last years plan… my mother in law watching Porter one morning, paying Leslie to watch him 2 mornings and my 4th morning… not sure yet.  Well, the client I was chatting with just RAVED about this lady here in Vandy and I’m going to call her to see if she has part time openings and how much it will be.   Isn’t that such a coincidence that through my work I have found something I’ve been looking for?

Now I’m just undecided about if I should just go with the "temporary" plan I have in place and let it be for a year, or if I should just put Porter in daycare for the full time I’m in work (which is really only like 14 hours a week).  My negatives for this is… money.  But then, Porter really needs to be exposed to a daycare setting…. he’s getting so attached to me and getting so used to me being around ALL the time.  He needs to have that interaction with other kids.  Also, this lady doesn’t accept children until they walk, as she has a bad back and can’t carry babies around.  That won’t work if/when we have #2, but maybe I can make alternate arrangements at that point. *sigh* Decisions decisions. 

  1. Gosh, I don’t envy you and your decision! I hated finding daycare for Annika. It was horrible, and while I feel she “needs” interaction with other kids, I don’t feel the need for daycare. I used to work at several and to my dismay, they weren’t all that great! I’d go with option 1, use people you can trust for sure! Good luck in your search!

  2. Wow, it’s awfully convenient and such a coincidence that this is so close to you!
    I would probably go with that option if you like her and get a good feeling/have such a good recommendation about her. And if it’s reasonably priced. Or maybe use her three days a week and Ry’s mom the other? It’d be nice to have something so close and for Porter to have something so consistent and predictable instead of a different house every day. And then he’d get used to new people and new kids. As for the baby thing, who knows what you’ll need at that point next fall… you’d have plenty of time to figure it out.

    It is hard to find part time care and if you like her and her place, I think it’d be worth getting in there.

  3. Hey Nic,
    The good news is that something always or usually falls into place when you need it…so you can always call and see if she is available…try it out and see how it goes. That way, he can get exposed to other kids, etc. and you can get some work done! 🙂

  4. That’s such a tough call. We had Tiegan at ABC for a while, but weren’t really all that happy with it. It was okay for a while, but it was just a temporary thing. I wouldn’t have kept her there for more than a few months. Good luck making your decision, don’t stress too much about it… you’re a great mom no matter what! 🙂

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