Blog World Girls Weekend in Chicago

Alright… I’m pretty sure the weekend is set:  March 28th-30th, 2008. 

I would have figured we’d have more people in the "group" wanting to go, but I guess not?  Well, if any other bloggers out there want to join us, we’d LOVE to have more company.  To get all the scoop and details and be involved in making decisions on this trip, sign up through the following link:

Blog World Meets Real World Yahoo! Group

We really don’t have anything else set up yet, as far as where we’ll stay etc.  Those of you who will be flying in: I’d suggest logging into and doing a Trip Watcher thing so that it will notify you when the rates on flights from your city to Chicago drop.  Sometimes its best to wait until really close to the departure date and you get better deals.  But then thats sometimes a leap of faith as if the rates are higher you have no choice but to buy then.  I waited for quite awhile (about 4 weeks before) to buy our Orlando tickets and we got two tickets for $300. 

Ok, thats enough from me. I hear Porter’s radio blasting up there, so he must still be playing in his room.  I have to go regulate. 

  1. hey nic, thanks for trying to get this organized! it’s a bad time of year for me because tom has baseball every single weekend, but, since it’s so far off i hope i’ll be able to figure something out, i’m thinking my mom can probably watch max for the weekend. i looked up some flights from minneapolis to chicago and they look cheap enough, so, for now count me in as hopeful… i think it would be so much fun to meet up in person! 🙂

  2. I can’t make it, I’ll be having a baby a few weeks prior, sooooo, maybe sometime later in the year too! I will need to get away, I guarantee my 3 kids will be driving me nuts by then!

  3. I am keeping on eye on airfare because right now they are $450! Yikes! With any luck they will come down in the next few months! I’m super excited though!

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