I made it… barely.

Both LeeAnn and I made it though our run without hyperventilating, without heart failure, and without passing out.   We started out walking, then ran for a bit (attempting to chat while doing so), and when we were out of breath we’d go back to walking.

About halfway through our run we said “Let’s just run to the top of that hill and we’ll walk for a bit”.

Well, we started to run TOWARD the hill and as we began up it we were dying. Change of plans.  “Let’s just walk up the hill, and we can run down it”

As we got to the top of the hill we thought “Ok, let’s run around this curve and to the next stop sign.  We began running. We got tired.  “Well, how about we just run until we SEE the sign”

HAHAH!  Its hard work pushing a 25lbs kid in a stroller and running!

Anyhow, we ran.  We’re going to attempt to run tomorrow also. I’m whooped.  I feel SO drained today.

I have another post coming.  I wanted to separate it from this one.  So, I’ll post again in a minute.

  1. Hey I’m starting to feel it now!! My thighs are aching, guess that means its working right?? Its burning off the fat?? The I.hate.it.when.it.jiggles.when.i.run fat. -Sorry for the illustration…

  2. Way to go you two! I am sooo not into running (although it would probably help w/the spare baby fat hanging on for dear life in the middle)

  3. I hear ya! I usually use my double (non-jogging) stroller when I need to bring the girls. That’s like 70 pounds of kid and stroller, if not more! Not fun! Way to go though, you are at least trying! MOre than I can say at this point 🙂

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