Can I ever quit posting about being so crabby?

Last night I went to bed with this weird throat lump pain.  I felt like I had an earache and a sore throat and a lump in my throat that hurts every time I swallow.  I probably have throat cancer like Jess* or maybe one of the gazillion crickets that loom around my house has crawled into my ear or throat and burrowed in.  Sick.

Anyhow, I called dibs on sleeping in this morning, seeing that Ryan and Ryan were staying the night in Ann Arbor/Dearborn after the game tonight (Ryan M’s plane leaves early in the a.m. so MyRy is going to take him to the airport) and I’d be getting up with P tomorrow morning.  (we have this agreement that each of us gets to sleep in one morning a weekend).  I heard Porter up at 7am, and kicked Ryan out of bed to get up with him.  My throat still hurt.

I got out of bed around 8:30, felt sick and gassy from the tacos we ate last night and walked downstairs to see dog-barf at the bottom of the basement stairs.  Porter was whining at my leg… ALREADY…. and my throat still hurt.  I made breakfast (thats about as domestic as I get), and I’m sure Ryan Morrison was thinking my poor husband has a wench of a wife to wake up to every morning… I was THAT crabby.  Bitching about feeding the dogs, about the garbage bags that were piling up on our front porch, etc etc… the list goes on. 

Anyhow, the guy left and Porter continued to ride my last nerve.  I snapped at him quite a few times and then felt horrible.  He finally drove me insane and I put him in bed at 11am and told him to sit in there and whine by himself while I dried my hair in peace.  I finished drying my hair and went to get him out of bed and found this…

He must have been tired. I contemplated waking him up, but then wondered if he’d take a proper nap in the afternoon.  I figured if he was tired enough to fall asleep in less than 10 minute, he must need a nap right now.  So, hopefully he sleeps for a good 2 to 3 hours, or else I’ll be in for a hell of an evening. 

I have a session this afternoon at 4, and then I’m babysitting Aubri (Aa-bree-uh, as Porter says) this evening.  Hopefully Porter will be entertained by her enough to be happy for the evening.

Anyhow, thats enough of my bitching for now.  I have some sessions to continue working on… clients are waaaaiiiting for their galleries and I’ve been beyond slow.

*Ok, Jess does NOT have throat cancer, but if you ask her, she’d tell you every pain in her body is cancer or a tumor or something HAhAHA!  Its a little joke we always laugh about.  So, Jess… is it possible for you to pass on your throat pain to me up here in MI?  Cause my throat freaking hurts. 

  1. Haha!!! Did I mention that I found a strange lump on the back of my knee…it looks just like this picture I saw on WebMD of a tumor. It also looks a little like a mosquito bite…I’m not sure which way I’m leaning…

    I’m thinking you probably have a small tumor in your sinus cavities, hence the earache and other sinus-upper-respiratory type symptoms. You should get that looked at. 🙂

    Hope you feel better soon! Good luck with your session, and the kids tonight!

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