Is it possible… my child is…. BERSHON??

OMG I swear, I could pull out 50 images of Porter being soooo Bershon when I try to actually take ‘good’ pictures of him.

Tonight I put on an outfit I want to use to take his pictures downtown.  I haven’t updated his “send to family” pictures since he was 11 months old.  I might just wait until he’s 2, but… it’ll be cold and snowy in February and I don’t want to deal with that.  So, we may do 18mos and 2.5 years instead of the “traditional”… cause we know I’m not “traditional”.  I also have a credit with a canvas company for a free 16×20 canvas, and I’d like to get a really good picture of him for that.  My credit expires in 15 days.  So, the pic has to either be one I took already or one I take in the next 2 weeks.

Anyhow, I love this shirt I found on super clearance this summer.  I need to find a cuter pair of jeans, so I may check out Gap this weekend, and the converse (which you can’t see too well) look SO freaking cute with this.  However, check out his expression…


  1. I got a button down like that for M for his birthday party tomorrow. Apparently he has decided,with excellent timing I might add, that he HATES button down shirts. As in, doesn’t want to put them on, tries to rip them off button by button etc. Not only did I buy the shirt in a 3, because the Gap fits sort of small, I got the 4 too and thought I would just return one. Now I will look like a loser returning 2 of the same shirt!!! And great, tomorrow at his party he will be wearing one of the same old polo shirts he always wears. BOYS!!!

  2. Gap clearance is the best. I think all my kids (except Peyton) are a bit Bershon…which by the way is my new fave word. I think I will make a scrap page of them being soooo Bershon.

  3. Okay, how sad is it that I actually had to google “bershon” to find out what it meant. HAHAHA.

    He looks like a little mini Paul Walker in this photo!! too cute.

  4. Love the shot! It would even be cute on a canvas…

    Love his expression! I had to go look up what “bershon” meant. LOL. I have never heard that expression before. :O)

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