ISR: Infant Swimming Resource

Watch this video:

I found this website called Infant Swimming Resource (there are other videos on the actual website… as well as lots of information) that is basically a drowning prevention program.  It teaches children as young as infants (just months old) how learn their own buoyancy, breath control and eventually the ability to flip over on their backs and float safely until they are “saved”.  In the lessons (and in all these videos) of course there are adults present.  But imagine how priceless these skills would be to a child who accidentally falls in the lake or pool WITHOUT an adult present.  Imagine how much time this skill would buy them.

Here are some other videos I found on YouTube.  Check out the ISR website (link above, or this link is GREAT too!) for more detailed info… these videos are just visuals.  This next one shows super young infants in the water, learning buoyancy etc.

And here, here’s one just for fun (This one is not ISR related… just one that popped up on YouTube). What the hell is up with a 6 week old being in a tub of water with a floaty ring around its neck?


  1. When I visited my friend in California I went to her niece’s swim meet. There were little ones (1 and 2 years old) swimming the width of the pool with no floaties or assistance from adults. It was so amazing! Their teacher said most of them started when they were just babies.

  2. Isn’t that amazing?!
    I came across the ISR stuff this last spring when I was getting ready for swimming lessons and also looking for swimming floaties and aides. I thought it looked pretty cool, but then I found a lot of message boards and stuff with parents who had a lot of complaints about the instruction and that it turned out to be much more extreme than they thought. That their babies cried and were honestly scared much of the time. I suppose it depends on the instructor…
    I did look up resources for my area just to see. Those sessions are ex. pen. sive!! Like no way in my wildest dreams could I afford them expensive.
    But I will get my kids safety and swim lessons as early as possible through more traditional classes. And traditionally priced classes! haha!

  3. Wow, it’s pretty amazing. I held my breath the whole time that baby was floating in the water, I wanted to cry. But thanks for the comic relief on that last one. How bizarre! What a bunch of weirdos!

  4. wow!! some of these videos almost look like torture, LOL, but I’d love to teach Tiegan some of this stuff since Jason’s family are all lake people and my parents have a pool. Thanks for the info!! 🙂

  5. Okay, good thought, and I’m sure a very useful survival tactic…..but, I don’t know about that, it just made my stomach turn!! As, I watched I was thinking “Holy Bjesus”!!
    I’m sure once you get through the initial shock of throwing your helpless infant into water, maybe the anxiety eases up.? Eeeeek!!

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