Outakes: 2 of 3; The floppy hand family

The second thing I started to notice about some of our pictures is that we apparently have some sort of “wrist/hand” issue.  There are numerous pictures where we have our hands just…. there… hanging like a useless, limp limb.

Like this… I mean, really… what was I doing?  “OH Hmm… what should I do with my hand.  Oh, YEAH!  Lets just hang it in the air a bit like this and that should work great!”  Really.  Its not needed.

Here we are, the whole family looking like dink heads… staring blankly up at the ceiling, and me there all limp handed and all.

Seriously… SET IT DOWN.  Relax your hand, my WORD you don’t have to hang it in the air all day!!

Its not just me, though… This would have been a cute picture, had my husbands hand had some sort of PURPOSE.

Awww look… our very own little hand-hanger.  Those of you who know P in person probably have already noticed he does that a LOT.  EEEk.  Poor kid.


Stay tuned for tomorrows… it should be great!

  1. OMG. You are too funny. I thought I was self critical! Peyton used to flap his arms when her ran…it looked like he had some type of mental disorder…it could be worse than hand hanging!!!

  2. usually when i type “lol” i’m not really laughing out loud. but this tim i was really LOL! hahaha. you guys are all way adorable anyway 😉

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