Outakes: 1 of 3; Nicole’s BIG Mouth

While looking through the hundreds and hundreds of images that Jess took, I started to notice a few trends.  Let’s discuss Trend #1 in this post. 

I have a Big. Freaking. Mouth.

And, apparently, I don’t know how to keep it closed. 

For further inspection, take a look at this.. awww, cute little boy walking to his mama.  What? What’s that?  What is that gaping hole in her face?  OH frick! Its her mouth!

And… AUGH!  She’s trying to eat his arm! No! Stop! Mother’s don’t EAT THEIR YOUNG!

Looks like Ryan is in on this "eating of the young" thing here…

More mouth action…


For the love of Pete, close your MOUTH!!


And, not only do I have a huge mouth, I have long freaking tongue too… Exactly WHY am I sticking my tongue out this far?? During family pictures, at that!?

  1. OK, I can’t say I usually laugh out loud when I’m alone surfing the net – but the tounge picture just did me in. Seriously, that freaking KILLED me LMAO

  2. I was laughing so hard @ your comments! Eat their young! HA! The pictures are actually pretty good compared to some of the doozies I have had taken of me & my family(which is why I haven’t many of myself)

  3. I’m generally just a lurker on your blog, but I just had to comment on this post. . .you are SO HILARIOUS! You totally cracked me up. That “tongue” pic is too funny. But they are all cute candid family pics =)

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