18 Months (just a few weeks late)

I haven’t done an update lately on Porter and things he does… and he’s been spouting out new things daily so I figure I had better document this before I forget.  So… here goes.

Porter during his 18th month.

  • Has been putting together two and sometimes three word sentences…. such as “Mama’s truck” or “Reyna’s house” or “Grandma… Where are you!?”  (which sounds like “damma… whay ah yooo?”)
  • When I say “Love you, Porter!” he repeats “Lah You, Mama!”  Today I was telling him he was going to play with Aubri today, and I said “Do you love Aubri?” he says “Lah you Ah bee!”   so. cute.
  • Is super whiny with ME, and only me.  Its ridiculous. He’ll be at my moms or at Leslie’s and when I go to pick him up, he starts whining at me.  And, of course, they say “He hasn’t whined a bit today…. until now!”  What the hell!?
  • Recognizes and names the shapes:  Oval, Triangle, Diamond and Circle.
  • Recognizes and names the color: Orange (gotta get working on those colors…)
  • Still loves to read.  He gets really into a certain book for awhile and thats all he wants to read.  Lately, it has been Sea Shapes.  For awhile it was Goodnight Moon (aka ‘moon moon’ but now is ‘night moon!’).  Then it was The Seals on the Bus (which he called ‘up and down’ b/c one of the parts in the bus is ‘up and down’),  and then Zoo Looking.and The Deep Blue Sea  And, as always, he has lots of truck books that are always on his favorites list.
  • All summer he was sleeping in until 9am.  Bedtime around 8/8:30…. wake up around 9.  Since I’ve started school… he’s up and at em at 7am. Ugh.
  • He uses his manners all the time lately.  He’ll try to get around us and say “Me me!” He wants something to drink… “Mama, mik peeese!” and of course he says Thank You (“tu tu!” or most often a wag of the flappy arm which is his sign for thank you.) He does have good manners, well, other than constantly trying to put his feet on the dinner table.
  • This past month when we were in St. Louis he really enjoyed the pool.  In Florida he was a bit hesitant, but at Heather’s pool he was jumping in, by himself, and going all the way under and then I’d catch him underwater and pull him up.  This totally surprises me, because he’s usually so hesitant with new things.
  • He has been copying the tones of voices that we speak in… like tonight for example. I was yelling for Ramsey to come inside and he started copying me “Raymeee!! RAYMEEE!” in the same tone.  And Ryan always likes to talk goofy to him, and Porter tries to copy the tone of voice. I guess this means we really need to watch what we say around him.
  • His favorite tv shows right now are Jo Jo’s Circus and Little Bear.  He has the Little Bear toothpaste, which he calls ‘Bear’ (as in, “Porter, let’s go brush your teeth with Bear!”).  I just found the tv show and he LOVES it.  He was watching Little Bear and a monkey swinging in the tree and falling in leaves and he was literally cracking himself up, laughing and saying “Monkey!  Leaves!”
  • He practically lives on meat and cheese.  I can barely get him to eat any fruit or veggies lately.  Irritating.  He loves hot dogs (and it often works to get him to eat other things if I call it a hot dog).  He also likes to eat cereal in a bowl with milk.
  • Whenever we put his toothpaste away, or put a toy back on the shelf at the store, he has to kiss it goodbye.  He’s been doing this for awhile, so I guess it doesn’t belong under just this update, but its become one of his regular habits.  Every morning and night when we brush his teeth, he brushes and then has to kiss ‘bear’ AND Sally the Car on his toothbrush before we put it in the drawer.
  • When he decides he’s finished playing in the bath, he’ll clean up his toys (put them all in his net bag thingy) and stand up and say “All Done!”
  • He has a thing for bootys.  If I am getting dressed, he’ll come up behind me, smack my butt and say “Mama’s booty!” Oh my word…

Let me out, already!

Peek a boo! (gotta love it when they think you can’t see them trying to peek!)

  1. is this kid going to be a genius or what? ava flat out refuses to speak. she grunts, points and howls and the boys give her whatever she wants. what a diva.

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