Outakes: 3 of 3; What the hell were they doing, anyway?

And, of course… as with any attempt to capture pictures with a one year old, there are many that you think… WHAT were they doing?  HUH?

Confused?  Well, let me show you this…
Seriously, I’m scared of my husband after seeing this pictures.  I think it was around this time that Porter started being freakishly clingy and whiny toward… ME.  Hmm… I’m starting to feel like there was some sort of spell cast that day. 


"Dude, talk to the effing HAND.  Hear that?  The H.A.N.D."


"Listen, up, biotch.  You can take a hike!"  (and I’m smiling… hahah!)


This one, I seriously don’t know and don’t remember.  I’m pleading the fifth and sticking to the "Someone spiked my drink" story.

Again, my drink was spiked, my reaction time was nil and a little overreactive.  Was that little love tap from Porter so painfully scary that it called for that drastic of a reaction?

And you’re sure to love this…

I’m getting groped from all directions.  Porter’s grabbing at my boob.  And Ryan…well what in the world does he think he’s doing?  Check out the determined, yet very trying-to-be-unsuspicious, look on his face.  Seriously, dudes… keep your hands to yourself.  I guess that what I have to look forward to 
Nicole cheers: "Go, Ryan, Go!  You can do it!  LIIIIIIFT!!!"

"Errrrruuuughghhh… this kid is HEAVY!"


Nicole cheers "YEAY! You did it!  You did it!"


This one I do have a reason for my attempt to flash the world my panties.  Jess (or… was it Ryan?) yelled "GATOR!" or "SHARK" or something and of course I freaked out.  I’m a dork like that. 


And this one… dang, wouldn’t this have been THE cutest shot… MINUS the sweaty husband summoning the sun gods to go behind a cloud RIGHT in front of this adorable mother/son moment?  I love this pic… but I have to keep asking myself… why the hell did he do that… Right in the line of the camera to us?  Now, if you look closely, you’ll see he was actually tossing Porter’s tractor in the air.  To try to get his attention. Apparently he wanted him to crane his neck backwards or something.  Hell if I know.  Ryan’s agenda… ruin good shot.  CHECK!  Thanks honey!  🙂 (you know I’m joking… right babe?)  (and, those of you who wonder why I added that disclaimer.. my hubby would TOTALLY think I was being serious and be all "Like I MEANT to ruin that shot! And run to his room and pout into his pillow.)

  1. HAHA! Your family is way adorable and you crack me up with your captions. My hubby is the same way… whenever I post something about him in a negative way (not helping around the house, usually, and in a joking manner), he gets all pouty because now all my blog-friends will think he’s a jerk. haha. I still love these “outtakes” – what a great scrap page they’d make!

  2. More, more, more! You must have more outtakes! These are so friggin funny! I am laughing my a$$ off 🙂
    Loving the disclaimers too!

  3. You know that you’re crazy, right? These are hysterical and funny to see! Thanks for putting a much needed smile on my face today!

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