What a “meen mack” ***

Porter has a cold… a nasty, raspy.,in his chest and nose cold.  He has GOT to be tired.  I laid him down at 1:30.  My mom stopped by at 2:15 and she came downstairs and said…

"Porter’s in bed calling you.  ‘Mama!  Where arrrree you? Mama I love you!’"

I went up to check on him, and he had his pants off and was running around his crib.  I let him say hi to grandma, and put him back in bed.  My mom even tried patting his butt to get him to sleep.

We sat in the living room listening to him chatter…

"Damma!  Damma, where are youuuu?" 

"Mama!  I love you!" 

and then a few random… "Train!  Choo choo!  Airplane! All done!  Bye byeeee! Penis!! Penis!"  (oh my word). 

Its now 3:00 and he’s still chattering.  Punk.

***Thats "maniac" in Porterese. 

  1. Ha Ha Ha!! Love the Porterese!! I have got a terrible cold coming on, as does my youngest daughter (oh, ear infection # 157, tubes here we come) so I sympathize with him! Poor little guy! Hope he’s better soon 🙂

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