I’d rather bang my head against the wall. Repeatedly.

That is exactly how I feel about trying to take pictures of my own child. 

First, let me recap our afternoon. After Porter’s lovely nap boycott attempt (which was successful, let me add), Ry and I took him to the park before dinner to get him out of the house.  Oddly, he was in a pleasant mood, despite not having a nap.  We played at the park (by the way… check out who is super brave!)

and then I figured we’d walk over through Ella Sharp Park and see if I could get any decent pictures of Porter.  Well, let me just say that trying to do a "session" with your own kid just does NOT work.  Porter is numb to every trick I have up my sleeve.  I did get him to copy me standing by this barn, but by the time I stepped back and got ready to take the picture, he was off and running. 

And don’t get me started on the eye contact and total bershon*ness.  This kid will NOT look at me whatsoever, and his expression, I swear, you’d think this kid was lacking a brain. 

Let’s move on to the husband-help.  Or lack of.  Here is how he worked the session….

I’m like, SERIOUSLY…. I’m killing myself here trying to get this kid to stop looking so walking-comatose.  And Ryan just…. sits.  I give up.  I’m hiring someone (ohh… Jennifer….. *wink wink*). 

You won’t believe the number of out of focus pictures I have from our 20 minute jaunt.  I am not sure I even have anything worthy of being larger than a 5×7. Ugh.

Here are the only keepers.



And, here is Porter… about to flop over dead from being so tired.   I was trying to get him to sit on the porch like Ryan, and he’d go to sit, but he’d lay down and just LAY there.  HAHA!


  1. oh. my. goodness!!
    Tiegan was the SAME way with our session outside the studio the other day. It was torture! My friend from a couple studios down said “I saw you shooting your little girl out here, we were doing yoga… she looked like she would rather be ANYWHERE else!” I said, “so did I!”
    So… anyway, I can relate. On another note, Porter looks SO cute! You can make a good shoot out of any situation, I swear.

  2. I either get a cheesy-ass smile out of Annika, or a temper tantrum. So, I feel for ya! Not much fun! She won’t even behave for any photographer though, so what can I do besides get a grumpy picture out of her? I guess we will just document her that way!

  3. well you’ve seen how cheesy my son is with the camera. the other one won’t even look at me when it’s out. he is super cute…i think the one lying down is damn funny

  4. I love the pic of him with the white fence background—-he looks so big! Cute pics Nicole!

    I know what you mean about photographing your own kids. I really want to jump up and down screaming at them when I have them all together. I get so mad. Maybe if i did jump up and down and throw a fit they would look and even possibly smile. :O)

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