Snapshots of the past few days

Just catching up…

Friday we went to the Chelsea Treehouse to meet Lori and the girls.  I was babysitting Aubri, so she came along with Porter and I.  Pretty crazy group of 5 kids under the age of 4 (Lia:4. Shae: 3, Brenna and Aubri: 2, Porter: 1).  We had a ton of fun, and the kids did great.  We didn’t get to the Treehouse until around 12:30.  We ate lunch and the kids played for a good 2 hours.  Which is awesome, considering they all usually nap around 1/1:30ish. 

You can tell in a few pics they were tired… just before we left they were rolling around on the mats at the end of the slide.

L-R: Aubri, Brenna, Porter, Lia, Shae





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