Toothbrush scum.

Maria will like this post.  We just went to Target and a movie and at Target she bought a tooth scraper and mirror like at a dentist office.  Then, in the theater she scraped some scum off her back tooth and made me dig in my bag for a babywipe.

Thats not what this post is about, though.  Although… it seems as my night is revolving around tooth related issues.

So, I am getting ready for bed.  I go to brush my teeth and my freaking toothbrush (silver) is wet.  I thought, “Hmm… maybe I brushed my teeth before the movie” BUT then I touched Ry’s toothbrush (blue) and it was dry.  Odd, as I had JUST heard him in there brushing his teeth.

I yell out to him “You used my toothbrush! Why did you use my toothbrush?”

Ry: “No, thats MY toothbrush!  I had the silver one!”

So, we go back and forth a few times, discussing WHY we know the silver one is ours (aka… “I remember thinking ‘oh silver! I like silver’.  NOOO… *I* remember thinking ‘Blue is a girly color.  THe gray is manly.’)

So, who knows how long we’ve been sharing a toothbrush.

DISGUSTING!!  That just totally grosses me out.  Yes… I know… we’re married… we’ve shared many, uhm, bodily things… but tooth scum?  I just have to draw the line there.

I almost didn’t brush my teeth tonight because I didn’t want to use his wet, scum filled toothbrush.  And I couldn’t use the blue one (even though I doubt its been used HAHA!) because it wasn’t *mine*.

I’m going to buy a new toothbrush tomorrow.  Peace out.

  1. That is hilarious to me because I have a HUGE obsession with clean teeth. I could not stand the thought of Kyle using my toothbrush, I think it would make me barf and yes, I know, we are married. I completely agree with you, tooth scum is just different…morning breath, plaque, ewww!

  2. I totally understand you in this post, I would have freaked! I cannot stand to share anything mouth-wise AT ALL, that is a total phobia of mine! I don’t like to even drink after anyone, especially after my own children, if they need a drink & they sip from my beverage, Bless their heart it is theirs now. I gross out when Isaac whines because the gum is all gone & Lydia sees nothing wrong w/ just 1/2’ing up what is already in her mouth & he is just glad she is in the sharing mood! UUGH!

  3. We have totally done the same thing!! Ha ha! I’m with you, though, it is disgusting. We now have the Crest electric toothbrushes so we always have the same one (just change the brush part). No more confusion!

  4. Yeah my hubby and I have had the same thing happen to us. I used to buy whatever color toothbrushes were on sale, but my hubby could never remember which was his. So now I buy purple and blue. No way he can mistake a girly color, like purple for HIS toothbrush…LOL

  5. Yeah, I agree that is gross. I catch the boys using each others toothbrushes on occassion and I spaz out out. They just look at me like “what”. Eww. I wanna go brush my teeth now.

  6. HAHHAHA The exact same thing happened to me with my brother (yuck) last week. We both apparently thought we had the “green” toothbrush and when I discovered we had been using the same one for about a week I was soooooooo disgusted. I bought a new toothbrush and I keep it in the drawer now, as far away from his mouth as I can!!!!

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