I’m boring lately….

I swear, my brain is going.  Or my memory. One or the other.

1) I’ve thought of a million TFT posts for today.  Can I remember any?  Nope.

2) I had a ton of "updates" and things I wanted to write about.  Can I remember any of them?  Nope.

So… I guess I ramble. Sorry I’ve been such a boring blogger this week.  Its been a tiring week. 

First, let me say that I am absolutely AMAZED at how many readers have contacted me for my login/password.  I have 56 comments and I had over 20 emails directly to me.  I wanted to THANK each and every one of you for your inspiring and thoughtful comments.  It really is motivating to hear things like… "Your perspective on life is so down to earth."  "You are hilarious" "Thank you for being an inspiration".  I am amazed at how many of you love to read what I write.  THANK YOU.  It means a lot to hear those kind words from you all.  And, now that I know all of you CREEPY LURKERS are out there (HAHAHA!  Joking, really)… I expect more comments from you 🙂  I know that at least 75 people out there have my login/password…. so get to commenting! 

And, more on that login/password.  I don’t plan to have it locked forever.  I know the creep-ola was accessing my blog through Google Reader, so I’m hoping they’ll take me off eventually when they realize they don’t have access, and stop checking.  They really do need to get a life.

So… what else did I have to blog about today?  Hmm… Hell, I can’t remember.  I need to start jotting things down.  Well, I have a session to proof tonight, so I should get to work on that.  Tomorrow is my day off, and I might attempt to take Porter ice skating.  I used to take Avery and Aria when I babysat them and it was fun to introduce them to something new.  They had never ice skated before.  Only, I think Aria was around 2/2.5 when she started skating.  Anyone ever take a 19month old ice skating?  They have those "walker" type things to hold onto.  Just curious.  He might enjoy it.. maybe. 

  1. Not sure about Ice Skating… do they even make the ice skates that small?? Savannah went when she was three and the smaller size walker thing was just the right size.
    Try bowling. That’s a one size fits all thing (the little ones just wear socks on the floor) and Sawyer absolutely loved rolling that big ball to knock down all those pins!!

  2. P.S. You know how you have the email subscribe thing on your photo blog? Can you do that on this one too or can you not do it with it locked down. You don’t come up on bloglines for me anymore since you activated the password.

  3. I started my son skating when he was 14 months (size 7 hockey skates,very hard to find) and we took him every week. We hung onto him and then went to the bar and now he is 5 and is a very fast skater and he loves it. My daughter started walking at 10 months and I had her on skates a week later. All we really did was hold her up and glide her around but she got use to the feel of the skates. My word of advice, don’t by those 2 bladed things that hook onto boots, they don’t teach the kids balance and the hard plastic molded skates ( more for girls) Are not great either, there is no give to them and breaks the ankle easier. Sorry for the long comment but have fun skating and it’s never too early to skate!

  4. Ooh, I would love the email update thing too. You don’t come up on my Google Reader, so I don’t get to your new posts for, like, and hour, and that’s just not fast enough. 🙂 And no, I’m not the creep using Google Reader. 🙂

  5. It stinks that your blog doesn’t show up in bloglines or Google reader anymore, so I have to remind myself to manually check on you now! LOL. I hope you find out who that person is and blacok him/her somehow.

  6. I promise I’m not the creep from google reader either! I forget to read because it doesn’t show up on my feeds, so I’ll try to keep up. I’ve been a lazy blogger/reader lately!

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