Some random thoughts..

  • Love that Target wipes refill packs are resealable again.  Why did they ever change that just because they changed their packaging design?
  • On the hunt for a swimsuit.  I’m going today to sign Porter up for swim classes at the YMCA.  I wanted to get into some sort of class/activity with him, looked into Kindermusik but can’t justify the $15/class. Yick. Swim lessons:  Two days a week, 4 weeks, $40= $5/class.  Sweet.  Now I need to find a one piece suit.  Any ideas where I can find one for less than $60 effing dollars?  Stores are pretty much out of suits. 
  • Love that Porter is so into Little Bear.  Its a cute little show, and, big dork, I don’t even mind watching it with him.
  • I’m feeling really really lazy today.  I had really wanted to spend the day with Porter, doing something fun that he’d enjoy, but the idea of getting myself ready and getting out the door just sounds….  bah!!!  He’s already watched 3 Little Bear shows, had breakfast and I’m still just being lazy.  I have a chiro appt. at 11, and ice skating starts at 12:30 (still not sure if we’re going b/c of the effort of dressing for the cold, getting there around his naptime… etc etc… and frankly, I’m lazy).  I also need to go to the YMCA and sign up for swim classes.
  • I apologize to all of you TFT’ers this week… I’ve let you down again by not posting, and even more by not commenting.  I’ve had time to read the posts (they’re all great!) but just haven’t really had time/energy to sit and process your post and come up with my own spectacular comment.  Maybe later this weekend?
  • I’m going to start RECYCLING!!!  I was inspired by Amy’s TFT last week… I started to think… GOSH, these people are really dedicated to even scrubbing out containers, and here we throw EVERYTHING away.  Bottles of water, 3-5 water and milk jugs every week, stacks of magazines, and lots of cardboard from my photo lab every week.  Thats a lot of garbage and stuff that we could be recycling. So, I searched online and turns out there is a recycling place right on the way to/from Ryan’s work, and really just about 5 minutes away from here.  I’m going to start saving our plastic jugs and papers/boxes and use that as a starting point.  Every little bit will make a difference, right?

  1. I found an awesome GAP one piece on e-bay for like nothing.

    Did you make it to ice skating? Ryan was able to not only skate but play hockey by the time he was three, kids pick it up so fast!

  2. That’s so good to try ice skating with Porter. I was unsuccessful with my boys with ice skating when they tried. I wish I tried it earlier but will have to keep trying. Hope it went well. BTW I am Amy not Kelly (Kelly is my last name)but no big deal. Take care.

  3. i was happy about the target wipes too! funny. i was wondering what the deal was.

    let me know how ice skating went. i think we might try to bring tucker when they finally have ice on the rink. 🙂

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