Plymouth Orchards

I am seriously slacking this month on pictures….

I have a folder for each month on my computer… such as:  "1.2007 January", "2.2007 February" etc etc. And in each "month" folder there is a folder for each day that photos were taken.  So, in side January’s folder it may have "1.4.2007" "1.6.2007" "1.10.2007" etc.

Normally, each month has a minimum of 10 folders, and many months have folders for nearly every day.  Meaning, I used my camera almost daily here at home or out and about.

October…. has…. three folders.  And its the MIDDLE OF THE MONTH already!!  And, both of those folders contain pictures taken with my point and shoot.  UGH.  I have been slacking bigtime on taking "good" pictures of Porter.  Big. Time. 

So… this week…. I have GOT to take out my 30D and REALLY for real try to do something decent with it. 

Ok, so how did my post about Plymouth Orchards turn into a post about how bad I am at taking pictures of my kid? 

Today we met Lori, Don and the girls at Plymouth Orchards.  Again, I feel like a total slacker mom because I took about 10 total photos at the orchards.  I got ONE of Porter with pumpkins.  Ugh.  What is up with me?  It probably has a lot to do with the fact that Ryan was around and when he’s around I hate even attempting to take out my camera.  He is always so negative about me taking so many day-to-day pictures.  Thats totally wrong, isn’t it?  Husband should = supportive of my creative outlet and passion.  Guess not.  Anyhow, I got a few snapshots to remember the day, and I guess in the end thats what matters.  I wish I had a little encouragement to try to expand my creative horizons though.  Oh well.

Porter got a little pumpkin, and we’re going to have to take him to one of these "side of the road" cheap places around here to pick up some cheap carving pumpkins.  Guess I should do that soon.  Its almost Halloween, and as of right now we have one lonely pumpkin that is the size of a softball.

Pictures from today:




**BTW… Maria’s wedding was BEAUTIFUL.  I’ll post pics later.  I used my sucky P&S and am really disappointed with the pictures.  GRR.   Again- Creativity: Stifled.

  1. cute pics of porter, remember its quality v. quantity. i have been slacking with pics to, as my camera is on the fritz! i noticed ryan’s hat. sox???? hope they can pull it off to win this series!

  2. The pictures are so cute, you captured your day. I know what you mean though about the husband, no matter where we go and I try to take pictures he tells me I’m ruining the day, he just wants to have fun without stopping for pictures. Yesterday we went to the park to take fall pictures and I swear he was sabotaging me. Every time I was tring to take pictures he would complain not helping to get the kids attention and when I put the camera away he would totally start playing with them in the leaves. I was not a very happy wife, let me tell ya! Anyways I think all your photos are great, you have a natural talent and not to mention the adorable subject.

  3. I have a folder on my computer called “baby genereux” which chronicles Thomas’ entire existance! My October (11 months old) folder is lacking big time too! Those are really cute pictures at the pumpkin farm! Love the one of the 3 of you. We NEVER get family pictures. I just recently went through to see how many I have……….lets say you can count them on one hand! I need to work on that. It’s just that I’m always the one behind the camera!

  4. love the pics. i try hard to take pics of all the day to day stuff..but then the kids act up and i end up with nothing…or something resembling nothing.

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