Adams Farm Market

Even after our visit to Plymouth Orchards yesterday, we were still lacking pumpkins.  They were pricey at P.O., so we opted to skip buying any.  Well, except for a tiny one that Porter got.  Usually we go to Flavor Fruit Farms in the fall, but I had also heard about Adams Farm Market recently from a mom in my mom’s group.  I was told that ALL pumpkins were $5 each, and that you could get pretty large ones.  I wanted to go to FFF anyway, just to hang out and have some donuts, so the three of us planned to stop by FFF tonight and on our way home swing by Adams Farm Market for pumpkins. 

Well, as luck would have it (for AFM), the roads we normally take to FFF were closed so we took the detour route which took us right by Adams.  It looked really nice so we decided to just make the one stop.  I’m glad we did!  Look at these HUGE pumpkins we got… for $5!!  We also got a bunch of "pie" pumpkins (smaller ones) for $1.25 each.


Porter, as usual, was not very cooperative for "pictures", but I was pleasantly surprised that Ryan wasn’t whiny and complaining so I took advantage of my time.  We walked the pumpkin patch, checked out all the crazy pumpkins and funny stems, made some jokes, laughed at Porter as he tried spelling "P-O-R—–P-O-R—-T-O-R" out of the "Pumpkins $5" sign. (He thinks all letters spell his  name HAHA! And, yes, he spells it incorrectly)



The farm had a ton of these wagons you can use to go haul your pumpkins.  Its pretty much a necessity… those things are HEAVY!

Here are the three big pumpkins we bought:

Outside the barn there was an old truck that was filled with pumpkins.  I was able to trick Porter into looking at me by telling him that the ladybug that he found on the truck was on my camera.  Who would have thought…..

(the pumpkins turned at little nuclear on me in post processing… grrr…..)


And… the back of our car with our pumpkins.  (No… we didn’t steal their wagon… it was in our car from this weekend LOL!)


I’m so uncreative with decorating for holidays.  (Right there with ya, Les!!)  Here’s my great effort for "Fall and Halloween" HAHA!

  1. Looks good to me! W/ the exception of a light-up ghost & pumpkin that I snagged on clearance last year (that we rarely light up) it looks like my kind of decorating 🙂 I have 5 pumpkins (all are ones that Nana & Papa gave the kids from Adams Farm) & a mini-hay bale. Just cannot get into the mood this year!

  2. Looks like you had a nice night! Love the pics of Porter sitting on the pumpkins in the wagon and of him standing on the back of the pickup truck. Cute!

  3. Those are some awesome pumpkins! I have only bought one tiny little pie pumpking for Gavin. I’ve been holding off with the hopes of finding and actual pumpkin patch around but it’s just not happenin! GGRR! Love the pictures – so cute! Porter looks so grown up!

  4. Hey, I love the pics of Porter with the pumpkins. I love the Plymouth Cider Mill. It is about a half a mile away from Travis’ house and is pretty close to my house too. We go there all the time..the cider is REALLY delicious!

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